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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

I went to my Weight Watcher's meeting last night.

I wasn't sure what to expect because, although I had been extremely active with cleaning/reorganizing/purging around the house, I had also eaten more than my fair share.

I hadn't gone crazy, but just off enough to start trembling as I stepped towards the scaly monster.

I held my breath....

Wait for it....

There is a God.

I lost 2 1/2 pounds this past week! That brings my total to 24 pounds, which is exactly where I wanted to be (I had set a goal for myself for 25 pounds off by the end of August, and I should be able to get another pound off by the time I flip the page on the proverbial calendar).

I know sometimes I fret over the amount lost each week. It's easy to get excited over 2 1/2 pounds, not so much for a 1/2 pound. 

But when I was waiting in line for my weigh-in, I glanced down at the log of my meetings. There's a column for the date, a column for the weight either lost or gained, and a column to put a plus or minus, for gain or loss. Since everything is arranged in the columns, it made it easy for me to see that each and every week, without fail, I had lost weight. Sometimes only a couple tenths of a pound, sometimes something more significant. But every week has been a loss, and I'm going to make it my business to let that be what I focus on.

Focus on a week, a day, on taking more steps and making healthy choices about what to eat.

One foot in front of the other....

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For any of you also on the weight loss path, hope you're doing well. Let me know how things are going for you!

For anyone just joining in, you can read what I've written on this subject previously right here:

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Till next week, happy weight loss!!


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  1. You are so inspiring!!!!
    That's amazing- wow. 25 lbs is a big deal. Right before I read the result you led up to in the post, I found myself SQUINTING, with my shoulders up around my ears, then when I read the result, I literally did that thing where you pump both fists in the air like you just scored a goal in Olympic soccer. Not kidding! Ha ha ha.
    So proud of and inspired by you, lady!

    1. Well aren't we just having a reciprocal inspiration party. Because YOU inspire ME on a daily basis!
      Love you!
      And thanks....



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