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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

Two months in, and still going strong.

I don't think I've lost any of my start-up motivation, knock wood. Don't know how long that will stay with me, but I'm hoping it's with me the rest of my life!

Because of the hospital ordeal this past week, I couldn't find much time for exercise and my food choices were less than stellar. Still, I managed to lose a teeny tiny bit of weight. Better than a gain, right?

So here's your food for thought this week:

Probably any one on a weight loss journey has seen this by now, but in case there are a few who haven't, here it is again.
It's a visual for keeping track of how much weight you'd like to lose, and how much you've lost.

I have to tell you it's very satisfying to move things over into the "pounds lost" jar.

As far as new exercise tips, I don't have one for you this week, as I'm still doing my squats challenge (see last week).
When I've completed that, I'll start something new, and share it with you here.

Point is, keep movin'!

Anyway, sorry not too much of a post this week, but I'll have more for you next week.

Keep the faith!!!


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