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Monday, July 29, 2013

Worst. Hospital. Care.

We had to take poor Julie to the E.D. on Friday.

We decided on a children's hospital with a good reputation that we've been to for a lot of outpatient things. We've always been pleased with them.

This time? Not so much.

They admitted her in order to try to figure out what was going on.


But in terms of working her up?

Never ran any labs.

When I realized on Saturday night that we never had any blood drawn, I asked the resident about it.

He said, "What do you need labs for?"
Ummm, to make sure we're not dealing with infection or electrolyte imbalances or dehydration, or.....

"Well that's not necessary. If we did labs for her we'd have to do them on everybody."
Orrrr (follow me here) just the kids who need them. Just a thought.

Can we just get them done anyway, I said? I'd really like to clarify that piece of things and it's not like it's an invasive procedure or anything.

"Getting blood drawn has its risks", he told me, somewhat angry now. And then,
"I feel like I've been very patient with you and now you're attacking me!"
"And besides, it's 9:00 at night now!"

I'm thinking, what, do all the nurses in the hospital go home at 8? Damn, I wish I had been aware.

So he finally told me he would ask the attending in the morning to write orders for labs, so I consented to that.

Another issue was that they did an EEG on Saturday, but not an MRI or CT scan, even though two of her doctors (from outside the hospital) said she needed one. Resident just kept saying it wasn't warranted.

I had two docs on the phone explaining why it was, indeed, warranted, plus my husband echoing the same, but we just kept hearing it wasn't justified and that it was too risky.

They finally consented (on Sunday) to run a CT scan, after much begging and pleading on my part, plus an intercession from yet one more doc. But as it turns out (b/c little do I know) they did a CT with no contrast, which is kind of worthless as a diagnostic tool. I found that out a couple hours later, but when I asked for them to do it again with contrast, you guessed it, another brick wall.

My sister Veronica was there with me from Saturday afternoon onward, and she was a GODSEND. When my own cojones were feeling a little shriveled up and wimped out, I borrowed hers. On Saturday night I was lying in bed with Julie, and Veronica was wandering the hallways looking for some course of action, and finding none. She was frustrated and at wit's end, when a little old man named Cornelius happened by and asked if she was alright. Turned out he was a volunteer pastor, and he offered to say a prayer, which she gladly accepted. He came into our room and laid hands on Julie as she slept, and said a wonderful and heartfelt prayer over Julie, and Veronica and myself, praying that the staff would listen and act, praying for an end to Julie's troubles, praying for help and praying for peace.

I love Cornelius.
Veronica loves Cornelius.
We all love Cornelius.

We finally left on Sunday afternoon, not really feeling like much had been figured out.

Image source

But tomorrow we have an appointment with a guy from CHOP. 

And I'm hoping 
**fingers crossed, knocking wood**

That we'll get a little further with this guy.

Keep those prayers going, Cornelius!!


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  1. Thinking about you all and keeping you all in my prayers! I have seen so much along those same lines that I am afraid to get sick. Hope you find answers and healing...hugs oxox

  2. Thank you! Still hoping for answers, but at least the doc from CHOP seemed to have her stuff together.

  3. Thinking about you guys. Hope you get answers.

    1. Thanks so much, Heather! Maybe after some of these tests are completed we'll know more.

  4. Followed you over from Gratituesdays where you are linked up before me. Hope you have a blessed day and that things with your child and her hospital stay are figured out.

    1. Awww, Judith, thanks! I feel blessed that we're outa there and that the new doc seems to have things figured out.

  5. CHOP... great hospital! Hope the problem is discovered and treated promptly. Unbelievable response from that resident.

    1. Thanks, Nancy. I'm hopeful that next week's test will show some results.



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