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Friday, July 12, 2013

Farm Friday: Preparing the Nursery

The feeders and waterers were scrubbed and shiny.

The duckling room was prepared.

The chick room was prepared.

And they're here!!!!

I say ducklings, you say cute.



I got two White Pekins and two Fawn Runners.
Runners are funny things. Bowling pins.
And it looks like they sent me one Crested Runner by accident. She's adorable. She looks like she's sportin' an afro.

These ducklings are just hilarious. Hilarious I tell you.
And cute. SO cute.

Pippin's dubious. He says, "They're no cuter than I am."

Yes, Pippin.
Yes they are....

I have chicks, too, and they are almost as cute as the ducklings, but the pictures didn't come out.

Did I hear someone else ask what types of chicks I got?

I got 18 Cornish Rocks (meat birds). 12 for me and 6 for my friend Theresa.
And I got 5 more Buff Orpingtons to supplement my older layers.

Buff Orpingtons are awesome sauce.

They're nice.
They're good layers.
They're hardy.

Did I hear someone ask what possessed me to get ducklings?

Well, I heard it told that ducks will lay all winter, where hens (over the age of about two) will slow down in production significantly. Mine certainly did this past winter. Lazy good-for-nothins.
I also heard it told that while duck eggs may not be as good for eating breakfast-style, they're perfectly fine for using in recipes.

I got the call from the post office that my chicks were in.

This was 7:30 Thursday morning as I was on my way to Lancaster to get my Summer Son Obrin to his bus to take him back to New York.

So I called my friend Theresa and asked her if she would schlepp two towns over at 7:30 in the morning to pick up my poultry (truth be told, some of the order was hers).

And she did.

Everyone should have a Theresa in their lives.


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  1. Ducklings: Darling!! I've thought about getting chicks and ducks. I have the space, and now that my GSD is gone, there's really no excuse. But I'm trying to decide if I can possibly live without a German Shepherd. Probably not. :-) In which case, I probably won't get chicks or ducks. It hardly seems fair to train a dog to not do what is inherent in their herding nature.

    But I can enjoy yours! Thanks for the cute photos!

  2. Thanks! Hope you can be at peace with either decision (to get or not to get). GSD are wonderful, and don't forget that they are also good farm dogs as well as herders. If you had birds before you had a pup, your pup would learn what behavior was OK around them. Food for thought.

  3. My late husband always favored the ducks over the chickens. One drake (of several generations of ducks) always attacked our black Wellington-style rubber boots. If we walked out in regular shoes, he ignored us.

  4. Too funny, Sherry! Note to self: avoid black Wellies around the ducks.



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