Friday, August 14, 2020

Farm Friday: Gingham Gardens

"Funny Farm" aside, I'm no farmer.  I do, however, love to garden.  It's just not in my blood, though, it doesn't come to me easily.  I only started getting into it in the last couple years, and mostly what I've done to this point is a small vegetable garden.  I really don't know what I'm doing, just trying to learn as I go along.

So when I find a good resource, it is worth its weight in compost.

Enter Gingham Gardens. This has been such a great resource for me.  Joanna, the author, has developed a wonderful, active website chock-full of useful instruction and ideas including:

  • calendars
  • planners
  • DIY projects
  • printables
  • resource library
  • gift ideas 
Have a question about planning a perennial garden?  She's your man.  Want to incorporate some up-cycled vintage pieces into your landscaping but don't know how?  Get some inspiration from her gorgeous pictures where she shows you how to use these pieces in a beautiful and inviting way in your garden.

Best of all, she is very approachable and relatable.  Some of the gardening things I read make me feel like I'm way out of my depth, but Joanna makes it all seem so very DO-able.

Are you thinking it's too late in the year for me to write about gardening post?  Nope.  Gingham Gardens just recently published the post How to Plan Next Year's Garden in the Middle of Summer. Perfect timing!

So off you go now, check it out.  I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do!

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