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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Amish Orthodonture

Took Julie to the orthodontist.

Shoot, the only other spot in the shade is taken by an Amish buggy.

What. Sometimes the Amish need the orthodontist, too.


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  1. they allowed you to take a photo? most Amish are against camera's and picture taking. where we live its a no no

  2. Morning,the buggie thing is funny. They drive air conditioned tractors here. Some do buggies still. I find the Amish and most "religions" really intersting. Always somethin to learn!

  3. @Christine: I had to be very secretive about it. I felt like Maxwell Smart with his shoe phone. I was checking texts, and then very sly like I angled the phone towards him and snapped. Because you're right, they don't want their pictures taken. I'm bad, I know.
    @Rachelle: The Amish around us are just starting to use tractors. Only some of them have ventured so far off the path, and the tractor has to have metal tires as opposed to rubber (or something). I think they are still a long ways off from air-conditioned cabs for their tractors!

  4. i don't think the amish are odd or different. i think of them as simple and ... i really like simple! have a simple day - (hug)

  5. Great sleuthing! What a pretty little Amish boy.

  6. @Ranae: Simple is the perfect word for them, and something to emulate, for certain! Hugs back...
    @Veronica: He is, isn't he? He reminds me of the boy who played in Gladiators and Unbreakable.



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