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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lucky Me....

As I've written about in the past, my car and I have been through a lot together.

So last week, I thought to myself,
why not write to GMC and tell them she's been a pretty good car?

So I did.

I found their website.
I located the form-letter e-mail I needed to submit my comments.
I told them, in 500 words or less, that I've had her for nine years, that she has 216,000+ miles on her, that we've survived two major T-bone collisions with nary a scratch on any of her passengers.
I may or may not have actually used the word nary.

That very night, though I missed it, I received an e-mail from GMC that let me know how happy they were that Beulah has been such a reliable car for me. They wrote that a representative would be calling me in the morning.

The next morning, though I missed it, a representative called me and bubbled with excitement in hopes of speaking with me.

That afternoon, another e-mail, asking me for my VIN and the name of the dealership I had bought my car from.

To be honest? I was starting to get excited. Starting to think perhaps they would want to reward me in some way.

Would they want a testimonial from me?
Would they be giving me some money towards a new car?
Would they want to have me star in a commercial for them?
Would they want to give me a brand-new CAR?!

That night, after receiving the asked-for information, another e-mail. They would be calling me in the morning between 10 and 12.

I tossed and turned all night, and woke up early, atremble with the possibilities.
I brushed my teeth with extra vigor so my voice would sound minty fresh over the phone.
I ran to the barn to do my chores in record time to ensure I would be back to the house in time for the anticipated phone call.
I sat at my desk, phone in hand, finger poised over the 'talk' button, waiting....

The phone call came. The woman was clearly excited to talk to me.
She praised my remarkable car-keeping powers.

She said GMC wanted to recognize me as a valued customer.

Here it comes, I thought.
My life is about to change forever....

I held my breath as she spoke the words:

"We'd like to send you a coupon for a FREE oil change...!"

Cancel my makeover.

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  1. You mean you weren't over the moon excited about a Free Oil Change?

    Yeesh, no wonder their business is so dismal. But glad you like your car. I have VW and I pretty much count it as my third kid. It even has a name, Darth Vader. When the kids ask, which car mom? Answers always Darth. Now if I could just turn the horn into the theme song from Star Wars....

  2. Yeah. Lucky I didn't wet myself in all the excitement.

    Love Darth Vader for your VW! My Yukon is Beulah. Maybe we should get them together sometime for a playdate.

  3. I was already picturing your whole family in the commercial.

  4. Maybe after another 100,000 miles they will give you 5 gallons of gas. So glad to see there is someone else out here that doesn't have to trade in their vehicle every two years to get the latest "gadgets".

  5. @Lori: I already had the commercial scripted....
    @Tombstone: With the way gas prices are skyrocketing, that would probably be more valuable than the oil change!

  6. Ha Ha! that is so FUNNY! I guess we've all set ourselves up to great expectations a few times!

  7. Hey Annie, I tried to vote for you...I could not find...Do you know your number!?? I know your not just a

    Congrats on the oil change! Too funny!


  8. @Jessica: I know I'm definitely guilty of that!
    @Annie: Thanks! I'm currently in the 30s in the contest, hopefully moving on up into the 20s soon!

  9. Hilarious!!!

    I added you to my BlogLove list. Sorry you weren't already listed.

  10. This made me laugh out loud. Thank you for sharing this.

  11. Funny! My thoughts would have been the same as yours. You should at least get a year of free oil changes.

  12. @Dottie, my day is complete now.
    @Cheri, I wish!

  13. HAHAHAHHAHAHA - oh how funny! I'm so sorry. lol
    But hey, it is something right? How much does an oil change cost...25 bucks? hilarious.

  14. (New follower through the Tues Archive Link-Up) That's too funny. I would have been wound up with anticipation after the build up too. Seems more like they were rewarding the dealership than you. Do you even get your car serviced at the dealership? I try to stay clear of them myself, having had some major issues over the years. I guess it depends on what I need done. Sorry to hear you got T-boned twice, but glad to know everyone was OK!

  15. Wow, how anti-climatic could they be?

  16. LOL!! I would have worked myself up to the same conclusion. Too bad you missed the first phone call ;-)

  17. WOW, an entire oil change free of charge for all of your loyalty to Beulah. That is really somethin' special huh? Maybe if you ever buy a new GMC they will throw in a free gallon of gas for your patronage. WHOO HOO!!!!

  18. @Debbie: I know, right? So glad I made it to 200,000+ miles, all so they could give me something valued at $25!
    @Chris: I usually use the dealer while it's still under warranty. After that, I se my local mechanic. Glad to have you on board as a new follower, and thanks for the well-wishes!
    @Bridget: Don't think they could be any more anti-climactic than that!
    @Kenya: Looking back, I don't think I missed much with that first phone call!
    @JKIRF: I can only hope!!

  19. Loved this post. Like all of us, we're hoping to be 'the big winner'. Its neat though that you shared your appreciation with them. An oil change is better than nothing. And actually since that car did so well by you - and wow, that many miles!!
    I think they could have used you as a testimony for their fine workmanship. Glad I found you with the Tues Archives link.

  20. Haha, this was so cute!
    And Beulah? What an awesome name!
    Great post!

  21. @Raeanne: You are right, a free oil change IS better than nothing. It was the buil-up that got in my way of appreciating that. Glad to have you stop by!
    @Dawn: Beulah has been a good and faithful servant. I just bought a new car two weeks ago (from 22 miles to 1200 in that time), but I did not trade her in. She will remain with me, she has been put out to pasture.



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