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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Tip For Tuesday - Toddler Straws

When my kids were little - toddler to preschool age - there was an item I took to carrying in my diaper bag that made things a bit easier whenever we ate out.

Flexi straws.

For little ones, whether they're a baby sitting in a high chair, or a young child sitting on a chair at a table, they have a hard time drinking from a cup without the contents spilling all over them. Putting a straw in it makes it even worse because the top of the straw is up too high, and when they tilt it down to reach, the cup titls, too. And spills.

But a bendy straw? No longer an issue, even when the cup is up at an awkward level.

And a toothbrush holder is the perfect thing to keep them in to keep them clean in the bottom of your purse or diaper bag.

The model I used in this-here little photo shoot? My adorable nephew.

Couldn't you just eat 'im for breakfast?


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  1. Hi Anne, my son loves the bendy straws. I like the tooth brush holder idea. The bottom of any mommy bag is always gritty. Have you ever seen stainless steel bent straws...they arent flexible but they are shaped with a bend. I am as health nutty as I can be...& I have finally accepted it:) I use stainless steel when drinking really hot beverages...Im not much of a sipper and love straws so I drink coffee, hot choco and anythn hot with a straw. My son likes them. Doesnt help the spill factor, but he has to sit still when drinking hot stuff anyways.
    Have a great day!

    1. I also drink coffee with a straw. Tons of people do. I had a gal once say she had never seen this and she was in a cafe. My reasons are both practical and for vanity purposes....I ahve had my teeth whitened and I'll be darn if I am going to let them get dark again after going through that heckish nightmare of ZOOM and the terrible sensitivity that followed..Also I like it as the acid from the coffee by passes the teeth...also if you have lip gloss or stick on it's not on the cup over and over...also i feel my lips get burned drinking from the little whole in a to go coffee....


  2. genius!

  3. Great idea! I'll be putting this one to use, for sure!

  4. @Rachelle, I have never seen the stainless straws, neat idea!
    @Amanda, I started out keeping them in plastic baggies, but they were always getting holes after a time. The toothbrush holder was a lightbulb moment for me. Why can't I have those moments for things that will make me rich?

  5. Anne,

    Great tip! We never use "sippy cups" as I think they resemble a bottle too much and have always bought those "straw cups". I LOVE them . They have the thingy you flip over to colapse the straw. Or we use kid size Camel Backs. I usually bring one with us in the diaper bag to BBQ or family stuff....for restaurants we have never had a problem. I am sure our dining destinations are not as fancy as most a "to go" kid cup with the lid and a reg straw work fine. I have a 22 month old and he has always used the reg stuff. He just sits the cup kinda in between his lap and mouth and bends over.

    He does however take the top off sometimes...that is why i prefer the "eco friendly" version of the BPA free straw cups by Playtex I think it is...we just pour or bring a drink and he is familiar with it already.

    Great tip as a backup though!


  6. Great idea...straw in a toothbrush carrier.

  7. great ideas Anne! Sorry but I've been housekeeping both literally and on my blog. It all takes time :D

  8. Our little one loves to drink from a straw. She's mastered that and is now perfecting the art of the ice cream cone. Recently discovered and quickly devoured, our toddler is a source for laughs.

  9. @Mary: Thanks! Definitely keeps them clean and gathered.
    @Renae: I hear ya'!
    @Corinna: Toddlers are a constant source of both giggles and tears, aren't they?

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!



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