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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sister Treat 14

My sisters Mary and Veronica and I go on a sister's retreat every year. It's the brilliant brain child of Mary, and we've been doing it 14 years now, ever since my baby Daniel was about a year old.

When my kids were little, they always called it our "sister treat", so of course that's been it's official name for years.

I just came back from Sister Treat 14, and I shall go into a year long period of mourning till we can do this again next year.

A few times we've pulled out all the stops, whatever that means, and done things in grand style. Last year for instance, we flew to Mexico and stayed at a lovely resort for a few days. Once we went to Puerto Rico, and once to LA. Usually, however, we stay pretty local. Someplace we can get to within a few hours drive, and a few times we stayed right at Mary's place in Manhattan.

This was one such time.

We decided we would make this a Jerry Seinfeld treat. Much as Jerry Seinfeld was a show about nothing, this was to be our treat about nothing. We went into it without an itinerary and just flew by the seat of our pants all weekend.

And it was lovely.

On our second Treat, we had a waitress that could double for Julia Child in appearance and voice that would ask us, "Would the ladies care for some winnnnne?"

This year we had our first dinner at the Italian restaurant downstairs from Mary's apartment. The food was gourmet and delicious and carried us through several hours of talking and reminiscing and home-grown therapy.

Next day we had the most amazing brunch at a place we just happened to be passing by near Times Square. I had French Toast that was sitting in some kind of maple-infused cream and it had caramelized apples and I thought I was in heaven. Weight Watchers can just back off for a couple days. We got massages at a little spa that we almost passed right by and it was serene and cheap and utterly transforming. We laughed ourselves silly at "Avenue Q" off Broadway and finished off the night with another round of therapy, talking till 2 or 3 in the morning.

On Sunday we had high tea, did some upper East side shopping, got mani-pedis, and took in a movie with lots of buttered popcorn and cold drinks (stand down, WW, I'll be back soon, I promise).

Monday brought a few more hours of shopping and little surprises and more talking and laughing.

I didn't want to leave!!!

But all good things must come to an end, I suppose.

At least we have next year to look forward to.

And the year after that,

and the year after that,

and the year after that.....


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  1. How fun! My sister (who I blog with at and I really need to start this tradition. Maybe after we're both finally done breastfeeding! Hah. Found you through Gratituesday - glad I did!

    1. Hi Penny, thanks so much for stopping by! When my sister got the idea so many years ago, my baby was only a few weeks old and I was breastfeeding. So we waited to go on our first "treat" till he was weaned. Then a few years ago my youngest sister had a baby, so the first year we stayed someplace local and she would run home, or her husband would bring the baby to her, and in between times he fed him bottles from her milk supply. It was a little difficult, but we made it work. So glad we do this, ZI highly recommend it!



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