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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Family Bonding

I have a guest post for you today from the lovely and talented John Dyer. Enjoy!

Family Bonding From Trampoline Fun!

Any parent knows that what their children need from them is always more- more personal time, more energy, more quality family time. In fact it has been noted by one pediatric psychologist that just being under the same roof hardly qualifies. Most kids see their parents on their cell phones, or in front of the T.V., or on the computer. While being in the same room, these activities hardly qualify as quality time. She finished her research by saying how parents who make a full commitment to being present and spend precious time with their kids benefits all in the family beyond measure.

But let’s face it, we live in a society where work is pressed harder and harder, schools push kids to continue education, and often times both parents have to work. So what can be of help to organize time and spend it with your family? What can help increase the family bond and yet be fun for all? Why don’t we take a look at the answers to those questions and see just how a trampoline can add loads of fun, and hours of family enjoyment and coming together.

By: JeHu68
By: JeHu68[/caption]

Fun In The Sun!

What child who is walking by a trampoline does not get the sensation, urge and desire to climb up and soar through he air. It goes without saying that kids of all ages love trampolines, and even for those hyperactive types, it is a perfect way to keep them engaged. There is no age limit for these jumping wonders, and in fact in a recent study it is actually recommended for use of individuals between 3 and 60 years of age. Kids can build their muscles, improve jumping skills, and in the world of athletics even have a bump above others.

Benefits Even For The More Mature User!

Kids having fun is far from the only reason to invest in a trampoline. When it comes to trampolines, while it is quite enjoyable no matter how old you are, it has quite a few health benefits connected to it. Owning a trampoline is a sure fire way to good health, fitness, and great stamina. Your cardiovascular system as well as muscle coordination are greatly improved, and muscle toning as well as weight loss are no small deeds. In fact with cardiovascular diseases being the number one killer in the United States alone, and with the ever increasing risk of osteoporosis and bone fragility, trampolines serve a dual purpose in the prevention of both.

Family Time!

The goal and joy of any true parent is to see their family laughing, and closely bonding together. Well, trampoline fun is truly a neat way of combining both. Even during the dreaded “teen or tween years”. There’s something completely unique and special about putting together friendly sport, fresh air, and a nice physical activity for the whole family. And since you don’t need a lot of space, a trampoline can be just the thing you need and desire to bring your family together and have good old fashioned fun.

John Dyer is a fitness writer. He loves to workout and share his fitness experience in his writings. He is currently working for Sportspower Trampoline Parts


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