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Friday, December 21, 2012

Farm Friday: The Peanuts Don't Measure Up

Wow. I finally went ahead and took the peanuts in to get processed.

They were around 11 weeks old, which is four weeks older than their meat bird brethren.

I probably could have waited a few more weeks to let them get to 100% of their mature weight, but they were going through the feed like gangbusters, so I got tired of waiting for them to "flesh out" a little more and just took them in.

And like I said, wow.

What an extreme difference between the meat birds and these layer-breed cockarels.

Have a look.....

The layer-breed cockarel is the skinny one on the right, and again, he was about a month older than the meatie on the left.
The meat birds have been bred to reach mature weight very rapidly, and that mature weight is almost all breast meat and meaty legs.
Though the peanuts looked fairly close in size to the meaties when I took them in, they looked NOTHING alike once they were dressed.

Or should I say undressed.

I haven't tried cooking them yet, but my plan is to throw one or two in a soup pot. If the meat cooks tender enough to eat in the soup, then great. If not, I'll just use the meat for dog food, and keep the broth for future cookin'.

No harm, no fowl.

Get it?

Gotta love that chicken humor.....


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  1. Did the butcher intentionally pose him to look like an elf on the shelf?

    1. Bwahaha! You are so right! I was thinking he looked like was freezing, but Elf. That's what he looks like! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Oh my gosh - that is crazy! I learned something new today about chickens.

  3. Wow, that really is a huge difference.

  4. It is a big difference and the end was punny, I mean funny. :)

  5. It's amazing the way we've been able to breed our animals this way. Who would imagine this is the difference?

  6. I know, right? I was amazed when I went to pick them up and saw they looked like this.
    Thanks for the comments, everyone!

  7. Can you tell us the "breed" of the meat bird? That is one beautifully undressed bird!

    1. Really? They are beautiful, if you can call a bare bird that =). I am hoping my RIR once we start will be that meaty. Thanks Anne and have a very blessed Christmas!

  8. Wow, we have some Rhode Island Red males that we just sold because we didn't want to butcher them. Now I'm glad we didn't bother.

    Happy Christmas!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  9. Yeah, I don't think the RIRs will amount to much...

  10. I have raised both cornish x and layer I know what you mean! I have decided that I will always buy the cornish x for meat birds.

    If you don't find them to be very tender, you might want to cook them in a pressure cooker. That will do the trick :)

  11. That is crazy the difference in size! Your blog is wonderful. Come join my blog hop at I would love to have you!

    Garrett @TheGrowingPatch

  12. Hi there! New follower from the Blog Hop. You can find me at Happy Holidays!



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