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Friday, November 16, 2012

Farm Friday: I Lost It. Yes, "It".

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I've lost my homesteader virginity.

Some might think I lost it when I got goats.

Nah, that was just makin' out.

Some would say I lost it when I got chickens and started getting eggs.

Uh-uh. That would be more like 2nd base.

But raising chickens for meat?
Taking them to slaughter and then eating them?

Yep. Lost my virginity.

And while I'll admit I had a first-timer's jitters, it went just fine.

I loaded them into a dog crate in the back of the car.

The big boys wanted me to drop them off at the Amish Market on my way to the "chicken drop".

They were none too pleased driving there with a crate of chickens just the other side of their seat.

Ohhh, Mom, really? Do we have to drive there with the chickens?
Why are they making all that noise?
Why do they smell?
Oh my God, now they smell even worse! Did they POOP?
Open the windows!

Yeah. They just love me....

Anyway, like I said, other than offending the boys' delicate sensibilities, it went fine.

The place I took them to runs a smooth, efficient operation.

Though they process two or three hundred chickens there every Saturday morning, you would never know it from the look or the smell or the sound. It was quiet, it was clean, it was neat. Nothing behind closed doors, either, so you can see every step of the process, if you're so inclined.

So here they are  all buckled in and ready to go.
And I can now add feathers and chicken sh** to the stuff in my car that shouldn't be.

The drop.

Loaded back into the car for the ride home.
A little quieter. A little less poopy.

And then I came home, put one in the crockpot, a couple in the fridge, and the rest in the freezer.

And when the first chicken finished cooking and cooling, I pulled the meat off the bones and bagged it. And ate a few morsels.

And ohmygosh, YUM!

Next week I'll give you a breakdown on costs.

So what do you think? Are you proud of me? Disgusted?
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  1. Good for you! Store bought will never taste the same. Shoot, next thing you know, you'll be skipping the trip to the butcher.

  2. I always wondered if "fresh" meat tastes different than "store" bought. Is there a different taste? Does it taste wild?

    Stopping by via the Follow Who Hop- It's nice to meet you! I am following you in all the social networks we have in common.

    I would like to invite you to visit my blog -, as well as my Facebook page -


  3. My husband wants to raise chickens for meat, but I'm not a woman to kill my own meat. Heck, I can't even remove meat from the bone! Yep, I'm a boneless-skinless kinda girl. Good for you, though! I'm not that handy. :) Not to mention, I'd probably end up naming the chickens and never be able to kill them. I'm a sucker for animals. Except cats, but allergies do that to you.

  4. Thanks for stopping by:) Oh yes, been there and done that. Up to about 1 year ago we raised stock on our little farm. Bred Boer Goats and had chickens, ducks, geese and a couple steers etc. We are in the process of selling out and hitting the road for a few years:) I clicked on your button to vote for you:) and am now following. On my way to like your Facebook page.

    Hope your week is filled with Blessings.

  5. I completely, totally, and whole-heartedly support your endeavor. I really do. If you're gonna eat meat, you ought to look it in the eye before you go there.

    I just can't do it myself...My husband of 25 years stole my heart when he said if he couldn't do it himself, he wouldn't eat it. No meat, chicken or pork in our kitchen. Doesn't work for everyone. Works for us.

    I thank my chickens every day for those beautiful eggs they give us. My pig thanks me every day that bacon is not on the menu.

    I appreciate all who honor animals and treat them accordingly while they're in this world. You obviously gave them a great life!

    Rock on!

  6. Wow, while my face is making the "ick" expression (ha), at least you know where your meat came from. We have chickens and cows. I can't imagine either any of them, but I think you were brave and wise to have done it. Good for you.

    I just stumbled upon your blog. ;-)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Thanks for all the great comments, everyone! Debbie, I will be doing a follow-up ost next week to address cost break-down, taste, etc. Tune in! Joan, wow, I really respect what you had to say, and I admire your choice. My thought is, first, be a vegetarian. Second, buy or raise locally-grown, humanely-raised meat. I mean, I understand many cannot b/c of costs, etc, but the more we can say no to factory farm practices, the better, right?
    Thanks again, everyone!

  8. I think it is awesome and wish we could grow our own chickens. It would take some time for me to get used to the "drop". May shed a couple tears but it would be a learning process. Oh and I voted because you should stay on that first page.

  9. Great photos! Congrats on losing your virginity.
    It sure is amazing how many things you can do with a dogcrate.
    Put a tarp on the floor before loading the dogcrate and birds next time and clean up will be easier.
    Can't wait to see what the costs were. But I know the taste is priceless!
    What are you paying for a bag of poultry feed ?
    Come visit us in Vermont when you have a chance;

  10. Thanks for sharing on Natural Living Mondays! I am excited to see your costs. I have been curious about this a while now. Is it worth it to have home raised chickens instead of paying an arm and a leg at the store for pastured meat?

    I am excited to see what you have to share this week on Natural Living Mondays!

  11. Congrats on this next step in homesteading. Our town prohibits chickens, so I'll live vicariously through you. Thanks for sharing with Tuesday Greens!



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