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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I-Need-Therapy-Thursday: Redeemed

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Couple years ago, a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing happened.

What was it, you ask?

My daughter Rosie, whose soccer skill rivals that of Hope Solo
(OK, so I'm a little biased, sue me)
got kicked off her soccer team.

I know, I know, this kind of thing happens all the time, right?

Not in a situation like this.

After a try-out in which only the girls on the team came (no new blood), the director of the soccer club cut my daughter from the team.

Cut my daughter after she had played goalie for them for four years.
After she had been named MVP after a tournament.
After she had been requested, by name, to play for other teams at their tournaments.
After she gave them a season with no goals scored against.

So why did they cut her?
They claimed it was strictly based on try-out stats.
But if that's the case, it's a pretty interesting coincidence that the only girls cut from the team (five in all), were daughters of parents who had raised some valid concerns about the new coach.

After the cut, there were phone calls and emails and attendance at board meetings, but all to no avail. The decision was final.

But the girls moved on.
One of them, quite literally, moved on to another state.
Two of these very talented young ladies joined another of the local travel soccer teams, while the other two (my daughter included), joined one of the others.

The last game of the season was played last night. Rosie's team was victorious, shutting out the opposing team 5 - 0, moving them into second place in the division. Those two girls that joined the other team? Their team placed first. So I find it interesting that these four stunning athletes, who were cut to spite the parents, went on to play with the number one and number two soccer teams in the division.

The team they were all cut from?

They finished middle of the pack.

Instant karma, mmmmmm, it's crunchy.

Pardon my French, but White Clay can suck it.

I guess the best revenge is just to do well.

Rock on, Rosie.  You're my hero....


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