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Thursday, July 12, 2012

TomKat and Franngelina

I know everyone's heads are still reeling from the demise of TomKat.
But I'm here to reassure you that Franngelina is still going strong.

(Here is a post I wrote on my old blog that defines for you who "Franngelina" is exactly)....

Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie = Brangelina.


And Fred + Anne = Fran.

Wanna play six degrees of separation? Yawn.
Anne to my sister, actress Mary Birdsong: 1 degree.
Mary to George Clooney (in a movie together): 2 degrees.
George to bff Brad: 3 degrees.


So as couples, we're so together that I feel we should be considered by one and all to be....


Let's compare the respective partners:

6 kids. 3 boys, 3 girls. 3 by birth, 3 by international adoption.

6 kids. 3 boys, 3 girls. 3 by birth, 3 by international adoption.

She was raised by WEALthy celebrities.

I was raised on WELfare.

She is beleaguered by requests for her signature on photos, foreheads, and bits of napkins.

I am beleaguered by requests for my signature on field trip permission slips, course syllabi, and bus transportation forms.

While her partner is off jet-setting and acting in bazillion-dollar films, she is stuck raising six kids all by herself with only six nannies, a full housekeeping staff and a personal chef.

While my partner is off working, I am stuck raising six kids all by myself with only....well with nothing.


Plus Anne

Equals Annegelina

His name is spelled consonant-r-vowel-d.

His name is spelled consonant-r-vowel-d.

Uncanny. It's like they're twins.


Plus Fred

Equals Frad

And last but not least, when you morph Annegelina and Frad, of course you get.....


Thank you, thank you. Please form an orderly line for autographs.


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  1. LOL. The similarities are uncanny!

  2. Your Syber Friend, Rachelle:)July 12, 2012 at 4:11 AM

    That is F U N N Y Anne! I have to shoot straight with you tho..I always look at your post times. I am SURE 1:30 AM is the only alone time you get in your I am impressed. You are so consistant and committed. I love your blog.
    This blog shows a true smart alec lying underneath or a truely sleep deprived woman! or BOTH! Which I LOVE. If you can't have fun with your blog, your 6 children, your hard working husband and a obviously very FUNNY FARM...whats the point? So, thank you, thank you for the wonderful entertainment I look forward to every morning. Especially mornings before a 12hr day! Have a good one:)
    P.S. Find a closet, lock yourself in it and get some sleep chic!lol

  3. @Lissie: uncanny is right! You might start seeing us all on the red carpet together and you won't know who is who!
    @Rachelle: Wish I could claim that I was working so diligently and burning the midnight oil, but alas, I am generally in bed by 10 (getting old is so much fun!). Not all that long ago, I discovered that I could select a "publish date and time" for my blog posts. So now, after I write one up, I just choose the date from the calendar, and pick 1:30am for the time, and hit "publish"! Easy-peasy!
    Still, you are right in that I am both a smart alec AND a sleep-deprived woman (a nod to my insomnia). Not a good combination!
    Glad I could bring a smile to your face. Especially on your 12 hour days!

  4. Thanks, Yolanda! Glad you could stop by....

  5. that's the best! I laughed all the way thru it!!!!!!!!! I'm Renae, your newest member via Rural Thursday! Yay, Nancy and Lisa.

  6. Hi Renae, so glad you could stop in! If I can make someone laugh, I'm happy. Thanks!



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