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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Living in a Land Down Under

Living in a land down under
Where women glow and men plunder
Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
You better run, you better take cover!

I want to take cover.
By climbing back into bed and pulling the covers over my head.

My Rosie is gone to the land down under!

This past Tuesday she hopped on a jet plane and flew off to Australia with her People to People group.


And I'm afraid of the plundering men.

And sharks.

And scorpions and spiders and snakes.

And any other deadly things that begin with an "S".

And I don't want a dingo to eat my baby!

She'll be alright.
Won't she?

Tell me she'll be alright.

It's only three weeks, after all, what could go wrong?

Don't answer that....

Here she is, getting on the bus and driving off like she hasn't a care in the world.

Julie had to mop me up with a sponge off the asphalt. I dissolved right there in the parking lot.

Good bye my darling baby girl who is now all grown up!

Send me a post card!

Come home soon!

Watch out for rabid wallabies!


Image courtesy:
Video clip courtesy: socalrunner951
Lyrics from Men at Work's "Land Down Under"


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  1. Aww, Anne, wow...I know you miss her. Yes she will be okay. Surely if the walabi's are that big over there, the dingo's are not hungry...I'm sure she will be safe on that one too. 3 weeks is a long time...I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. My little boy just spent 7 days with his grandma whom is 2hrs away and then went directly to his dads for 2 days. That was so hard on both of us. Looks like Rosie is in great company and will be having the experience of a life time. She will miss all of you snd be glad to be home, I'm sure. What will she be doing?

  2. What a fantastic experience for Rosie! Focus on that and the time will be past before you know it.

  3. "Surely if the walabi's are that big over there, the dingo's are not hungry..."

    Oh, hahaha! Rachelle, that was too funny. Thanks for making this nervous Mama laugh! I know she will be having the time of her life. I will post some of her itinerary soon, but at least she's already got "snorkleling in the great barrier reef" (on little sleep and less food) checked off her list. So now I can stop worrying about sharks, and start worrying about the spiders and snakes and scorpions. And dingos. And rabid wallabies. And plundering men....

  4. I am so happy for her! You have my deepest heart felt sympathy. Sending them out in this world is much harder than I thought, and I had boys! I am sure she will be just fine and will return unplundered and safe complete with an Aussie accent and a down under glow. You need lots of chocolate and wine for the next few weeks to keep the visions of rabid wallabies at bay...yes, lots and lots of chocolate should do the trick!

  5. @Sarah: Fantastic for her, nerve-racking for me. She'll survive. Let's see if I will.
    @Rooster Inn: Thanks for understanding, I knew you would! Now let's see if I can remember where I hid away all my chocolate and wine....

  6. I was going to try to say something like “it’ll be ok” but hell, now I’m panicking for you! So much for help!

  7. She will be back before you know it :) Form the Amount of kids getting on the bus,I think that she will be pretty safe (if you believe in the whole safety in numbers thing). I love your new header too!

  8. She will be fine but you are ONE FUNNY LADY! You crack me up

    ( Homespun Visiting you back )

    Most certainly marking this to Favorites so that I can come back and laugh some more : )

  9. Hi Y'all!

    Thanks for visitin' me! I give y'all a shout out in tomorrow's post.

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  10. @Veronica: Wow. Thanks a lot. SOme friend YOU are! ;-)
    @Neighirl: Safety in numbers is right. She's with a good group. A BIG group. And her leader has been doing this for many years, so I know she'll be fine. (Right?)
    @Debra: Glad you enjoyed! Hope to see you back again soon!
    @browndogcbr: Can't wiat! Hopefully I will remember to pay a visit...

  11. This is a great opportunity for her! Stay strong, you raised her well, I'm sure!

  12. Thanks, Amanda! I know she'll do great...



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