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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Inspiration Sunday

From GoOd QuOtEs


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  1. Your quote is so true. I need that one hung in my bathroom by my sink. We all have days and events that, at the moment can not be explained. My own Faith in the Creator is what I cling to in those times. Thank you for the quote Anne. Have a great day with your family!
    Oh, and I got to watch Brave last night at the movie theater with my little one....Dinsney pixar DID NOT use a dress like Katy Perry's in it...just in case you were wondering...HAHA! That dress just cracks me up when I look at teeneage fashion...:)

  2. I actually saw her in concert, Rachelle. Took one of my dtrs last summer. I have to say, she was very good, and put on quite a show. The candy-themed outfits were funny. And inventive!



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