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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Inspiration Sunday Becomes (for today) Guest Posting With Meena Rose

Today I am guest-posting over on the blog "Through the Eyes of Meena Rose".

Some of you may be familiar with my story about meeting my daughter Bella? That would be the guest post Meena is hosting.

Go check it out!


There was a delay, initially, but it's up now. Click on over!


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  1. You might want to include links directly to the posts as well as the main link to the blogs. So, if someone hits your archives in a month or two it'll be easier for them to find the guest post. :)

  2. I've read that story before, but it brought tears to my eyes again just like the first time. Such a sweet story.

  3. Aww, Barbara, thanks, glad you enjoyed it.
    Thanks, also, for the tip on linking directly to the page (as opposed to the homepage of the blog). Something I has meant to do and then forgot all about it. I've corrected it now.



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