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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting Nervous

I'll be honest, folks, I'm getting nervous.

More than a little nervous.

Tomorrow is the last day of voting for the Circle of Moms contest, and I've slipped down pretty far in the ranks. If I lose any more ground before voting ends tomorrow, I won't be in the top 25.

So, if you haven't yet today, can you please throw me a quick vote? It takes less time than reading all of this.

To vote for me, click this pink badge, then scroll down till you see my blog, and click on the thumbs-up button.

If you all vote for me today, and once again tomorrow, I have no doubt that I will still be in the top 25 when the voting closes.

Thanks, oh faithful readers. You're the best!


  1. My goodness..those are amazing..I voted for you. Good going to be in that great number of super women!

  2. Mary, Tammy, MamaHen, and Yolanda, thank you all! ou've managed to raise me up a couple notches. I feel much safer now. Thanks again!



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