Do you appreciate a good train wreck?
Do you enjoy laughing at other people's misery and misfortune?
Do you like to justify your choice of a normal life by reading about the misadventures of those who would choose otherwise?

Then you've come to the right place, my friend.

I'm Anne Kimball.

This blog is about my family, which includes:
6 kids (all of them teens).
More special needs labels than you can shake a stick at.
Issues. Lots and lots of issues.
3- 4 dozen critters (it tends to be a pretty fluid number).
Lots of other kids here and there, be they international exchange students, Fresh Air Fund kids, friends of our kids, relations, etc.
1 Mom of questionable sanity. That would be me.
1 husband pushed to the edge of tolerance and patience on a daily basis, but he's still with us.

You should also know about me that
I have a split personality:

1) There's the neat, orderly, rule-followin', Ree Drummond wannabe, bake-for-the-PTO-bake-sale, resourceful, Pinterest-obsessed, crafty, artsy, Martha Stewart-sy me.

2) Then there's the let's bring in more animals, bring in more kids, who-cares-about-housework, I don't know what the hell I'm doing, damn the torpedoes, meeting?what meeting?, I-don't-much-care-for-your-rules-I'm-doin'-it-my-way, Roseann Barr-ish me.

So whereas most bloggers you'll run across have this thing called - what's the word - oh yeah, FOCUS, I don't. I ramble about pets and farming and gardening and large families and adoption and RAD and PTSD and recipes and things that make me laugh and oh just LIFE.

But if you like that kind of thing, stick around. You never know, you just might be entertained in a stand-around-and-watch-the-crazy-homeless-woman-ranting-on-the-sidewalk kind of way.

And much like you might drop that woman a pity dollar in the tattered hat in which her mangy, one-eyed cat sits, drop me a comment. Or better yet, add yourself as a follower. Feeds my ego in a big way. I'm very insecure. And slightly unstable.

Oh, and if you'd ever like to reach me? There are so many ways. It's 2013, after all.

Let me spell it out for ya':

1) leave a comment on a post,
2) e-mail me at farmbeachgal@yahoo.com,
3) find me on Facebook at Anne Kimball
4) follow me on Twitter at @AnneKimballHome
5) follow me on Pinterest at, you guessed it, Anne Kimball. I loves me some Pinterest.
6) shout real loud. If it's a nice day and my windows are open, I might hear you.

Anne Kimball

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