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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

I had a good week!


I lost another three pounds, for a total of just under 21 down.  I had hoped to have 25 pounds off by the end of August, so I think I'm still on target for that.

One thing that I think made a big difference was getting a Fitbit.   I got the Flex, and I love it.

Image source

Love. It.

It tracks my steps.

It tracks my sleep.

It tracks my blood pressure.

It tracks what I eat.

It's a little creepy, truth be told.

It's like wearing my own personal stalker on my wrist.

Seriously, though, it's fantastic.

It puts me in competition with myself. If I walked 5,000 steps yesterday, I'll want to walk 6,000 today. And 7,000 tomorrow.

See where I'm going here?


And every little bit helps.

Little bit.


Anyway, for any of you also on the weight loss path, hope you're doing well. Let me know how things are going for you!

For anyone just joining in, you can read what I've written on this subject previously right here:

Week 1
Week 2
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Till next week, happy weight loss!!


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  1. Interesting tool! and great success, by the way. I wonder if I'd lie awake thinking about the Fitbit on my wrist.

    1. Thanks, CM! I do sometimes lie awake. I have to fight the urge to throw it out the window into a moving vehicle b/c it's so darn creepy. But hey, if it takes Big Brother keeping tabs on me for me to be successful, I'll do it.

  2. Yay! Good for you. I keep track of exercise minutes per month and it has much the same effect. Can I do better in August than I did in July? We'll see!

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. Why does competition work for weight loss? Idk and I guess I don't really care. Just so long as something works! Thanks for the comments, Joy!



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