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Saturday, June 8, 2013

How to Organize an Inviting Entryway

I have a guest post today from the lovely and talented Karla Jennings. Take it away, Karla!

How to Organize an Inviting Entryway

In many homes, the entryway is a dumping ground for shoes, bills, backpacks and keys. In fact, your entryway may even feature umbrellas, iPods, tablet devices and smartphones. With the large amount of clutter that quickly accumulates in the space, your entryway may be less than appealing. Fortunately, a few tips can help you organize the area to make it a welcoming space that your guests will admire.

Entryway Storage Tips for Small Spaces

Purchase storage cabinets according to the size and length of your entryway. If your space is small and features an immediate entrance into your living room, then add a bench organizer that features storage baskets. The unit will provide multiple uses as you can rest on it while putting on your shoes and store items in the baskets. Give your children their own storage basket. You can ensure that everyone uses their assigned basket by adding their names or purchasing different colored storage bins. With limited entryway space, you may consider installing hooks for coats and bags. If your family needs more storage space, then buy a shelf unit that includes containers. By installing the shelf slightly higher than eye level, you’ll decrease the area’s visual clutter.

Entryway Storage Recommendations for Larger Spaces

A larger entryway may encourage more clutter. Therefore, discourage your family's inclination to fill the space by adding a roomy storage unit, and if you buy one that closes, then you will have a streamlined look in your entryway. Today’s modern d├ęcor includes slim profile pieces in various designs, which will permit you to purchase a piece that matches the style of your home. Be sure to measure your entryway’s wall space carefully to purchase a properly sized unit.

Entryway Sorting Tips

To begin organizing your entryway, sort the items that should remain in the space from the objects that should be stored somewhere else. Also, be sure to throw away, recycle or donate the items that your family no longer uses. Review the objects that remain and create categories. In addition to assigning storage baskets to each member of your family, be sure to add extra bins for miscellaneous items such as grocery bags, seasonal clothing and hats.

A Lasting First Impression

By organizing your home’s entryway, you’ll create an attractive first impression of your home. Furthermore, you and your family will be able to locate all of your needed belongings easily.

Author Bio: Karla Jennings runs The Home And Moms , her very own blog about her passion for home living and weddings. She is also a freelance writer for Maid Brigade, a cleaning service for your home.

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