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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Building the Right Shed

I have a wonderful guest post for you today on building a shed. Information we could all use this time of year!

Building the right shed

Are you running out of room for your gardening tools, children's toys, crafting materials or need a place for special work projects? If so, it might be time to think about getting some extra storage by building an outdoor shed. Sheds are increasingly being used as an alternative to filling up the garage space or combatting the ongoing monthly fees of a storage unit.

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1. Plan your shed build
A shed can help cater for your current and future needs so it is important to consider the purpose of your shed. This will inform the materials you might use, the size and appearance of the shed and where you might want to locate it.

2. Who will build it?
Once you have finalised your plan, how will your shed will be built? Have you got the skills to construct it yourself or is it time to visit a supplier to have a shed customised to your needs. You might also want to consider buying a modular kit that can be assembled simply, like those available from National Sheds & Barns. These kits usually require two people to put them together so book in a friend or two to help you raise the roof!

3. Construction
You want the shed to be waterproof, comfortable and most importantly, safe for you to use. Look for ShedSafe accreditation, an independent program that means shed manufacturers and sellers are committed to meeting standards. Ensure that the place where you want your shed to be built has level ground for the foundations.

Sheds are an accessible and affordable option. Build it right and it will serve you well.


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  1. Thanks for the guidance about building the right shed. While constructing something we need to be more focused and determined.
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  2. Thanks for stopping in and commenting, Lee! Hope this is helpful.



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