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Friday, December 7, 2012

Farm Friday - Wipe 'N Wash (giveaway)

Not so long ago, I had the thought that I should get this blog to give back to me in some sort of tangible way
in other words, apart from all the warm fuzzies I get every day from my wonderful readers.

So I contacted the good people over at Manna Pro.

And I said to them, I said,

"Good folks at Manna Pro, whaddya say to sending me some of your fine chicken products for me to use, and then I'll write up a review on my blog?"

And they replied, "But of course!"

Sometime later a few packages showed up on my doorstep. These fine folks sent me four CASES of products for my poultry pleasure. How dandy is that?

Did I just say "for my poultry pleasure?"
My God.  Who AM I?

And so now I bring to you the review of the first of these products. You might want to get a pen out to take notes....

Wipe 'N Wash
Egg Cleansing Towelettes
(Here's what the container says)

There's nothing better than fresh eggs!  Clean your eggs quickly and easily with convenient Wipe 'N Wash Egg Cleansing Towelettes from Manna Pro.  Each towelette will clean up to a dozen eggs and once used can be placed directly in the compost bin!  Wipe 'N Wash towelettes are made with recyclable paper and a natural blend of plant-derived cleansers to ensure your eggs are cleaned safely and easily, revealing their natural beauty.

These towelettes come in one of those pop-up containers like cleaning wipes for
the bathroom or kitchen.  Perfect choice, because I keep a container right by my kitchen sink, so if I'm using eggs, and they're a little too dirty for my liking, I can just pull an egg towelette right out of the container.  Easy-peasy.

I LOVE that these are safe to use, with no harsh detergents or chemicals.  I certainly don't want to take something fresh and natural like one of my pretty, farm-fresh eggs, and scrape it down with a bunch of chemicals before eating.  Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

I love even more that these towelettes can go right in the compost pile!  After all, most chicken-folk (myself included) tend to be all about keepin' it green, so composting makes us very happy (we're an easy-to-please bunch, chicken-folk).

Easy to use..........check

Bottom line: You should "check" out Manna Pro's Wipe 'N Wash Egg Cleansing Towelettes!

Would you like one of these wonderful containers?  How about I do a giveaway? 

1) Like my Facebook page,
2) Add yourself as a blog follower on my blog ("Google Friends Connect" in my sidebar)
3) Leave a comment on this post, telling me you've done all of the above.
You can say,
"Liked, followed, entered."
Or you can say,
"Check, check, check."
Or if you're feeling super confident, you can try,
"I came, I saw, I conquered."
Or if you really want to impress me (and this will count like a 2nd entry), you can say that in Latin.  No cheating and looking that up on Google, now.

I'll choose a winner at random next week.  In fact, I'll give away a few.  They sent me a box full of these, so I'll keep a few for myself, some I gave to my chicken friends (and you know who you are), and the rest I'll give away in this contest.  See that?  Your chances just improved, and you haven't even entered yet. 

What are you waiting for?  Enter now!

Good luck!


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  1. 1,2,3, done! :) These look interesting! Thanks!

  2. Interesting ! Back on my farm days we just washed our eggs in warm water and a little scrub brush ! My how times have changed ! Thanks for sharing, Have a great weekend !

  3. Hi guys, thanks for stopping by and commenting. You're in the running! Will pick next w/e. Good luck!

  4. Check , check and check. Love Manna Pro.

  5. maxuswong@yahoo.comDecember 17, 2012 at 7:46 PM

    "I came, I saw, I conquered." I dont know if this is how you say it in latin but here goes "veni, vidi, vici." I don t know if it is correct.
    If I win the giveaway contact me at



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