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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Outa Town, Outa Touch

As my GPS would say, I have arrived at my destination.

We're on vacation in New Hampshire, arrived last night. And it is a lovely condo in a lovely mountain lake resort, and we are here with our lovely friends.

Fresh mountain air; clear, cool creek babbling just outside our window; plenty of things for the kids, the family, to do; good friends, wine....

Only two problems...

1) No A/C. It should be cool for sleeping, but it's kinda hot and sticky for our spoiled family (myself included).

2) No internet at the unit we're staying at. There's internet at the rec center, but that means we'll have to leave the creature comforts of our home away from home every time we want to log in. Boo. I may just go into withdrawal. Wah.

I am strong. I will survive this.

Anyway, if I'm off my bloggy game over the next week, there is a good reason.

Now. As to us "going Amish" like I wrote a couple days ago. In case you haven't already figured it out from yesterday's post, my sister Mary Birdsong is involved in a show (Spirit Seeker) that is being filmed at my house.

Six of the cast and crew arrived Tues night, another the next day, and several more the afternoon we left for New Hampshire.

Can you say full house?

On Wednesday, they shot the scenes my kids were involved in, where they play spooky Amish kids. Well, the character that plays my sister's teenaged son believes them to be spooky, anyway. I think the DP and the director/writer/producer did a heck of a job of getting them to look the part, don't you?

So like I said, now we're away, and they have the house to themselves (including Romy Rosemont sleeping in my bed), so I can stop stressing about whether there's coffee in the pot and clean sheets on the bed for a few days.

Well. At least not at our house in PA. I guess I still have all that to think about here in NH. But only for the 8 of us, not for 20+.



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  1. Daniel should be a shoe in for the "Best Amish of the Year Award" . Love the photos and can't wait for this episode to air. Hope you all enjoy your much deserved vacation:-)

  2. I have to agree with Rooster Inn!



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