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Thursday, August 23, 2012

5 Things Children Learn From Their Pets - A Guest Post

Today I am happy to welcome Roxanne Porter as a guest poster. She has written a great post on what kids learn from their pets. Be sure to check out her bio and link at the end of the post.

Thanks, Roxanne, take it away!

5 Things Children Learn From Their Pets

We’ve all seen pictures of children with their pets, and it’s not unusual for those pictures to conjure up feelings of nostalgia of times spent with your own first pet as a child, or to invoke a certain wistfulness of how much you longed for a pet growing up. This is largely because the relationship that a child has with his first pet is one that is unparalleled; the devotion that a pet will show to its owner and the lessons that children learn from their pets are ones that have the power to stick with them for a lifetime. Here are five things that children learn from their pets:
1. Unconditional love. Pets are notorious for offering unconditional love to their owners, and have no problem lavishing affection on those that take care of them, cuddling up to them to let them know they want to be near. This friendliness teaches children to operate with the same unconditional love and acceptance of their family members, friends, and peers.

2. Responsibility. Taking care of a pet is no small feat, and kids learn this quickly when they are forced to take their dog for a daily walk or that they have to clean out the cat litter box every morning. This sense of responsibility will spill over into other aspects of their lives, and will also give them a sense of accomplishment and pride in a job well done.

3. Patience. It takes time to train a pet to behave a certain way, especially when they are young, and pets will make mistakes from time to time. Children learn to have patience during these instances because they realize that their pet is just like a human and will falter on occasion.

4. Approach life with fervor. You rarely see a pet that is well taken care of having a bad day, and they often approach life with unconditional happiness and fervor. Seeing this joy for life is something that kids can then embody in their everyday life, living with a positive outlook instead of a negative one.

5. How to listen. Pets often act as silent confidants for children, and have acted as the holder of secrets, private information, and dreams and aspirations for kids all over the world. This character trait is one that children can pick up and apply in their own lives, listening unwaveringly to friends and family in times of need.
The lessons that children learn from their pets are lessons that they are able to take with them into the many different stages of their lives. Seeing a child with his pet is one of the most joyful things you can see, and each depends on the other to guide and to learn.

Author Bio:

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Thanks, Roxanne!


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