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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Social - Alice and Minnie

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And our critters Blue, Sunny, Cindy-Lou, Annabelle, Fiona, and Sophie; Mamfy, Mali, Milky and Punkin; Nick; Frog 1; Charlie and Dizzy; Minnie and Alice; Elfie, Frex, Crope, Tibbit and Ozzy; Genevieve, Pippin and Finnegan; and a dozen or so chooks.

I'd like to ask God why He allows
hunger, poverty, and injustice
in the world,but I'd be afraid
He'd ask me the same thing ...

Is Minnie and Alice.

Minnie is the daughter of two bunnies we bought many years ago that have since passed on. I don't have a picture of her, but she's white with black spots, and has a notch out of one ear. She's kind of skittish.

Alice is a Flemish Giant that the kids got as an Easter gift about two or three years ago.

She is roughly the size of a Bulldog.

She's awesome. She's friendly. She's soft. She's awesome.

Our bunnies don't live in hutches, but in a big walk-in enclosure in the barn. So it's kind of cool because we can just walk in to pet and cuddle.

And feed and water and clean up after.

So, yeah, that kind of stinks.

But have I mentioned they're soft and cuddly?

And awesome?

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  2. My four year old has been asking for a bunny for two years. She would just love this one - it's huge! Adorable!

  3. Lissie, I highly recommend the Flemish Giant. If the rest of them are like ours, they are really nice, and just so cool. We've had a lot of bunnies over the years, and this one is the best!



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