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Friday, March 30, 2012

Farm Friday - Rat Training

Bella has a little dog named Cindy Lou. She is a Rat Terrier.

That means that she and her kind have been bred to, you guessed it, hunt rats.

Living on a farm, though I hate to say it, rats we've got a-plenty. Our barn is a Shangri-La for rats, with ample food, water, and cozy dark hiding spaces.

I don't like to use poison, b/c I'm afraid it will be found by someone or something it was not intended for. My cats are good for nothin'. So I figured we might as well get with the program and start using our rat terrier.

We started training her a couple weeks ago. Back then, "training her" consisted of carrying her to the barn, where she would quake and tremble and look ready to keel over of heart seizure at any moment until chores were done and we returned to the house.

But after a while, she started getting a bit bolder, and she soon started getting excited when I told her it was time to go to the barn. Now she just about dies when I say "barn" and races out there the second I open the door. She has discovered one of their hiding places in the rabbit pen, and as soon as I open the gate she runs in and starts sniffing and scratching and trying to get at 'em.

She's still a virgin -- hasn't caught her first rat yet, but she's gotten close. She's chased and nipped, but they've always gotten away from her.

Soon. Very soon.

I will keep you posted....

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  1. My dog is a rescue dog so I'm not exactly sure what is included in his "terrier mix", but he is obviously a scent dog, interested in all things on and under the ground, and places he can stick his nose and scratch his way into. I think your barn would be right up his alley!

  2. Tell him he can come on over anytime for a playdate!



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