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Sunday, January 10, 2010

On further observation .....

I took some time to watch this "idyllic scene" that I mentioned earlier of the Amish kids skating on our pond. What a rakish bunch of houligans they are! One boy in particular was quite the trouble-maker. He kept sneaking up to the others and stealing their hats/scarves and racing off with them. They would chase after him, but the problem was, he was good. Very good. A quick, agile skater, he could outskate them all. But I had to laugh when one of the older girls caught up with him. She grabbed him by the arm, got the headscarf back for the younger girl, then marched the monkey over to the embankment where she parked his Amish a-- in a time-out, giving him a good finger-waggin' scolding before she left him there.
Course, when he got up later he was back to hs old tricks.
Still, they were quite entertaining to watch.

After awhile, a couple of the girls came to the door and sweetly asked if they could have some water. We sent them back out to their friends with a pitcher of water and some plastic cups. They were quite delighted to learn they could keep the cups.

While watching them I saw hitting, teasing and bullying, but also helping, sharing, and lots of laughing.

Guess kids are pretty much the same everywhere ....

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