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Bragging Rights

Thought I'd throw all awards and a list of places you might be able to find me in print in one place, so as not to clutter things up.

So here you go:

March 2013: "Meeting Bella" published in Miracles and Moments of Grace, Inspiring Stories From Moms, by Nancy B. Kenndy, published by Leafwood Press

February 2013: Awarded the Inspiring Blogger Award.

January 2013: Posts "Living the Dream Life", and "A Lab? Never Again..." chosen as favorites on two Farmgirl Friday Blog Hops.

December 2012: Featured on BlogHer for The Cost of Sustainability

November 2012: "The Attachment Tree" published in Fostering Families Today magazine.

November 2012: Featured on BlogHer for Advent Stockings

October 2012: Interviewed on Skinny Mom

Founding member of Wordsmith Studio

October 2012: Featured by BlogHer for Are Schools Sending a Double Message?

Sept 2012:  Guest-posted "Adoption and Loss" on Five of My Own.

Sept 2012: Awarded the One Lovely Blogger Award

And the Beautiful Blogger Award

Guest-posted on Gadget Girl Tips, which was syndicated in Leavenworth

Circle of Moms - Top 25 Moms of Teens Blogs

Circle of Moms - Top 25 Moms with Big Families

The Liebster Award

Top Mommy Blogs (highest rank to date, #14)
Top Mommy Blogs - Click To Vote!

From my other blog Bringing Borya Home:

Circle of Moms - Top 25 Big Family Blogs

Top Mommy Blogs (highest rank to date, #12)
Top Mommy Blogs - Click To Vote!

The Lazy Mom Award for Most Popular Lazy Mom Tip of 2011 is.....
Me! Plus a few other lazy gals.

Quoted in
Nov 2011 The New York Times

Oct 2011

Oct 2011

Featured by BlogHer
Oct 2011 Grooming Your Cockatiel

Nov 2011 Meeting Bella: A Memory to Treasure

Dec 2011 Shades of Trauma

Dec 2011 Ill-Conceived Trip to the Vet

And one last thing.
My WIP...

I've written a book.
I'm in the process of finding an agent.
This is my WIP (Work In Progress) blurb:

Reciprocal love between a parent and child should be a given; for a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder, it's not. In my book CHILDREN OF MY OWN: BRINGING BORYA HOME, I explore the struggles of raising and loving a child who does not, can not, love back.

This 80,000 word memoir about raising my adopted teen son Borya is complete and currently being queried.


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