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Thursday, May 9, 2013


A friend of mine just posted a link to an article that wrote about the top 10 most dangerous cities.

#1 on that list? Wilmington, DE.

That's right, the city I work in is currently ranked the worst city per capita for murder and sex crimes.

It doesn't help matters that I occasionally misread an address and go knocking on the wrong door. I should probably stop doing that.

There needs to be a Dear Abby for folks who work home care in the inner cities.

You know, Dear Abby, if I walk out of my patient's house and I see two drug dealers on the corner, what is the appropriate interchange? Do I politely say hello and keep on walking, or make like I don't see them, or do a really bad attempt at street talk to get down with my homeys?

Couple days ago I pulled into a parking lot to send a few emails. It was in that purgatory that was not city but not quite suburbs either. A man walking down the street yelled to his friend at the bus stop,

"Did you hear Michael's in jail?"

"What he did?

"Problems, man...."



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  1. Please be careful! Carry a taser, or at least tear gas. I will keep you in my prayers as you traverse the dangers that are all too common in most inner city areas. I know...I live in one.....Oh, and thank you for the very important work you do too!

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