Saturday, January 5, 2013

Guest-Post: How to Help Kids Live a More Simplified Life

It's Chicken-Scratch-Saturday here at the Funny Farm, and I have a guest post for you!

Agnes Jimenez has written a wonderful article on how to help your kids live a more simplified life, which, as we all know, is harder than it sounds in this day and age!

Take it away, Agnes...

How to Help Kids Live a More Simplified Life

These days, especially, kids' lives are often overextended with too many activities. While learning new skills, developing talents, and structure are all good for children and teens, it can go too far. Helping your kids learn to live a simplified life has many benefits.

Too many activities can lead kids to not know how to cope with free time, put too much pressure on them, and make vacations seem like work. Kids need to relax and have fun. One approach is to show them how to enjoy free time. From reading a book to playing in the back yard, unstructured free time is good for a child's body and mind.

Second, you can minimize your child's activities by asking him about activities he enjoys the most. Even the youngest child is drawn to certain activities, due to his personality and his interests. Whether he wants to learn to play an instrument, participate in a sport, or build some kind of collection, you can encourage his interests and preferences.

However, one or two activities should be enough for most children. Whether he stays with one particular activity for a long period of time, or decides he does not like it and wants to try something different, it can be helpful to set a rule for how many activities he can have at any given time.

Third, try to set a positive example. Regardless of how many friends they have, kids of all ages copy the habits they see in their own families. Some changes you can make may include reducing multitasking as much as possible, showing your kids you enjoy playfulness and fun without any structure, having a period of quiet time at home every day, and relearning the art of relaxation.

Fourth, helping your children become acquainted with nature can also bring simplicity into their lives. There is something about the natural environment that promotes good feelings and peace of mind. Whether you live near the woods or beach, or your nearest source of nature is a city park, it can be a wonderful break from your busy lives.

Kids who have too many activities miss out on important parts of life. They are also prone to boredom, and can develop the habit of needing constant activity. When you teach your kids to enjoy the simple things in life, their physical, mental, and emotional health will all benefit. Your kids will be happier, and so will you.

About the Guest Author
Agnes Jimenez is a professional blogger and writer. She writes for many online establishments and currently partners with in spreading awareness about troubled and depressed teenagers (and how to deal with them). Click here to read more about The Family Compass’ advocacies.

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  1. This post is full of great reminders! Thanks for sharing! Also, you're living my dream life - you have chickens and goats =).

  2. Even though my kids are grown, I totally agree. We did not let ours participate in oodles of activities.

  3. So my child is only 3 and so not that involved in too much yet, but I already notice that he needs constant stimulation... he used to play alone so well, but not anymore. I think the most important thing that I could do is set a positive example because I'm NOT a great example right now :-(

  4. found you via SSS, new follower, can't wait to read more!

  5. Thanks for stopping in, people, and for all the great comments. Agnes did a nice job with this post, don't you think?
    Emmy, thanks for followig!

  6. I *love* this post! Helping my kids live a simple life (in all aspects) is one of my biggest daily goals and something I'm passionate about. Thank you for sharing this guest post!

  7. Thank you for hosting the guest writer. A reminder now and then on keeping it simple is always welcomed.

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