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Friday, January 11, 2013

Farm Friday: In the Words of Donald Trump...

That's what I need to say to my good for nothin' chickens.

We've gone from feast to famine in the egg department.

Do you know I actually had to BUY eggs recently?


Chalk it up to the colder weather.

The shorter days.

The fact that they're no longer,

no, don't try to stop me, I have to say it...

"Spring chickens."


Are they going into "henopause?"

Oh lordy, I just slay me sometimes...

Anyway, back to the serious business of my hens not feeding me.
I didn't have this problem last winter, so I guess the age thing must be a factor.  They're only coming up on two years old, but for hens, that's enough to make production slow down.  I'm sure they'll pick back up again come spring, but sheesh, I'm still feeding them nearly a bag of feed a week and I'm gettin' squat in return.

Actually, I guess if they were squatting, I'd be getting eggs, so I'm NOT getting squat. 

This is kind of like how you can't say a vacuum sucks when it's not working right.

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  1. You are so punny! It is irritating to have all of those lovely hens and have to buy eggs. We have to do that every winter. They are so much like teens, wanting room and board without any responsibility.

  2. That happened to some friends of mine as well, then all of a sudden they had more eggs than they could ever use, they were giving them away by the dozens.

  3. I'm buying eggs here, too. My hens are older--going on 7 years old, I think--and I have to say that "winter" lasts longer and longer each year. I only have three remaining hens, though, and I've already placed an order for a new batch of chicks this spring. Then the three old ladies can just enjoy their retirement days.

  4. He he, cute post--love all the puns! :)

    I hope my girls lay for longer than yours! I only have two! *ducks tomatoes*

    Thanks for sharing at the Farm Girl Blog Fest #15!

  5. Hi there! Paying you a return visit from Farmgirl Blog Hop. I hear you on the chickens -- I've got 2 six yr old chickens are definitely not spring chickens any more -- although one still lays an occasional egg, one 3 yr old that does ok, and 3 young'uns that were doing good until everybody decided to molt in November and call it done for the year. This week I've been getting some eggs again. I had to buy eggs 3 times so far this winter, but I only have one child left at home -- if all 4 of mine were still here I would have had to buy a lot more I think.

  6. Sounds like I'm in good company, as all yours have done the same thing. Well, all except for Ann Marie, whose "friend" (heavy on the air quotes) had chickens that stopped laying.

    They did give me 5 today, so things are starting to look up. At least till the next cold snap, I guess.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by, ladies!


  7. "Henopause" - heh heh. :)

    Thanks for stopping by today, I've enjoyed your blog!

  8. between molting, less daylight, and cold weather, my 28 chickens went down to 1 egg a day for several weeks to none just before Christmas. Fortunately I didn't need to buy eggs because my ducks started producing at that time. The duck eggsy are great for baking. None of myguest could tell the difference in the baked goods and i even had a few to supply a customer. Since that was the reason for having them they did their job perfectly. Even breakfast casserole was great.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I, too, got a kick out of 'henopause'...hope those hens don't have hotflashes and start laying 'boiled' eggs!

  10. yes count me in as a fan of "henopause" ... what a great word...having grown up on a working chicken farm I will refrain from adding what happened to our birds when the eggs stopped...this is a family blog

  11. There is something crazy going on around my henhouse too, but it is the opposite of your problem! I have NEVER seen chickens lay eggs all winter long. We are getting 19-22 per day!

  12. You always make me laugh! My hens FINALLY started laying again (and it is SO COLD here). Since my friends stopped asking if I had any eggs available I've got dozens! Frittata for dinner tonight...

  13. Well, well ladies, so much to comment on! From Sista giving me a reason to add a new critter - namely ducks - to the menagerie, to Loy's "boild eggs", Rachel's and Joan's crazy birds spittin' out eggs in the WINTER, and Gizmo respecting that this is a "family blog"! Also, greetings out to Julee girl. Thanks for stopping in everyone!!!

  14. My stinking hens went on strike for a good 2 1/2 to 3 months recently, too. I said a lot of the same things! lol They are finally laying much better now. I am getting 5 one day and 2 the next. It's not the 3 or 4 dozen I'm used to, but it will feed us!

  15. Exact same here, PTE! I got 7 yesterday, but 1 today. Oh well, at least we're starting to build our supplies back up again. Yay!

  16. Bummer that you have hit a dry spell. I hope you start to get some production from them. Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Greens. I started a Pinterest board for the linky, so I'll be pinning each post. Have a good weekend!



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