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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Oh, Christmas Tree

Wanna see what a Christmas tree looks like in a busy family of eight?


Wait for it....



That's right.

The day that I had set aside to go on our annual tree expedition came along, but the usual zeal that goes along with it was conspicuously absent.

And it was a little foggy.

And a couple kids found a ride to the mall.

And bleh.

So.... next weekend?



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  1. I might take out the ceramic tree that my Grandmother made for me...then again when I looked at the possibility of a closet avalanche and being buried and maybe never seen again...well, I am OK without a tree and just as happy. Good luck and Merry Christmas:-)

  2. Hey, you're tree looks exactly like mine!

  3. I'm laughing... WITH you. Tree has been in living room for over 2 weeks. Took over a week to get lights on it. then a garland or two. May actually hang some ornaments before Christmas... Time is a four letter word!

  4. Our tree spot usually looks like yours does, but since Drama Teen dropped swimming, there was actually a free weekend after Thanksgiving so we could get the tree up.

  5. Hey you still have time. You could do what we did one year and decorate a house plant.

  6. You are approaching the date I USUALLY do it with a family of three - minus two helpers. This year my son wanted to do it on December 1st - he helped and we got it done. Good luck for the weekend - hope things are clearing up.

  7. Hey that's life ! Have a good day !

  8. We get some and others we don't. So maybe, and hopefully you can get it soon.

    While on the road, no tree to call our own :S...

    Thanks for linking to our Hop
    Happy WW

  9. Always support for you! Wish you all the best!

  10. Ceramic trees, houseplants, nothing at all....
    I see I am in good company.
    This Sunday, the Lord willing, this Sunday.

    Wish me luck!!!

    Thanks for all the great comments everyone!

  11. I'm posting mine tomorrow. Tree limb sprayed white. 4 clear balls. Just doon't want a traditional tree this year...and the clean up.

  12. Hi Anne,

    I hope you finally got your tree! I'm visiting from Wicked Good Wednesday and hope you will drop by to say hello. Have a great weekend.



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