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Monday, December 17, 2012

Mirth Monday


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In case you didn't know it, I'm like the queen of blog-hoppin' lately. It's kind of like square dancing but without the dated outfits, smelly gym, and elderly caller. You can find my full schedule in my sidebar, but sice today is Monday, here's where I'm hoppin':

Homestead Revival's Barn Hop
Natural Living Mamma's Natural Living Mondays
The Chicken Chick's Clever Chicks
A Cat-Like Curiosity's Monday Mantras
Ponder Wonder's Soul Food Monday
@ Home Take 2's Mom's Monday Mingle
DIY Dreamer's Pinterest Repin Party
DIY Home Sweet Home's More the Merrier Monday

Come join the fun!


Rudeness disclaimer:

I love all your comments,
I read every one!
But I can't hit 'reply',
I've no time for fun.
Please don't judge me,
Please don't hate.
If you have a question that just can't wait,
Send me an email at,
And I'll answer right back because I'm, you know, the Mom.


  1. I feel this way everyday. Thanks for posting :) :)

  2. I keep clinging to the excuse that I'm still breastfeeding:)

  3. I am doing the end of the pregnancy chocolate binge right now :-) "due date" is today! Then I'll be blaming the breastfeeding as well. heehee

  4. Wait. Was that chocolate binge supposed to end when I delivered my last baby 13 years ago? Good luck with your new baby, Elizabeth!



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