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Friday, December 14, 2012

Farm Friday: Vocab List

A little repost from my old blog.

What. It's a week and a half till Christmas. I've been busy.


There was a time in my life that I was not a farmer.

Not that I'm really a farmer by any stretch of the imagination. We generate no income from anything we raise/produce on this little farm of ours. Our lives are not dependent on it. It is merely, what's the expression, a "hobby farm".

Nonetheless, it is still a farm of sorts, and it impacts the way we live our lives day to day. Here are a few examples of how our vocabulary, or at least certain connotations, have changed over the years:


Jersey: the small state with the bad rep where I spent most of my growin'-up years.


Jersey: the breed of cow most of our milk comes from on the farm down the road.


Lime: slice of citrus wedged into a bottle of Corona.


Lime: bag of powder to sprinkle over manure to dry things up and discourage flies.


Driver: the friend who gave up drinking for the night in order to get her friends safely home from the bar.


Driver: Heavy hunk of metal with two handles used to drive t-posts into the ground.


Her bag is full: Your friend has had a busy day at the mall and it's time to go home.


Her bag is full: Your mare's udder is big and tight and she's ready for delivery any time now.


Pick up eggs: Honey, will you stop off at the store to pick up some eggs?


Pick up eggs: Honey, will you run out to the hen house to pick up some eggs?


Bang a U-ey: Turn your car around in the middle of the road.


Bang a U-ey: Hammer a u-nail into a fence post.


That's a load of sh**: Someone has just tried to pass off an untruth.


That's a load of sh**: Someone has just sprayed a load of liquified manure onto the neighboring field.


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  1. Anne, cute post. I am a city girl all the way (lived close to NYC all my life), but your post educated me a bit on a few terms I have never heard of. Thanks and very clever!!!

  2. I am following you from the Follow Who? Blog Hop. Please follow me back

  3. Just found your blog through Nanny2Mommy's blog hop. I'm following you, feel free to come check out my blog and follow back if you'd like!


  4. Yes, I imagine the vocabulary must shift with the experience! Kind of like motherhood. Pre-baby: Pack a bag meant we were heading out of town for a few days. Post-baby: Pack a bag meant we were going to the post office. To mail something going out of town. Because we would now need a U-Haul to go away for more than an hour.
    Tracy @

  5. That's so awesome! I have a bizarre vocabulary to begin with because I am not citified, but I know that having a small farm would definitely change some of my definitions too! All I have on my "farm" is veggies. I really want some chickens but k-ster knows what will happen. A few chickens will lead to something else which will lead to something else and God forbid, possibly some goats. That would push him over the edge.

  6. Thanks for the comments, Tracy and Sparkling! Tracy, you're right, that would be another great post, wouldn't it? Pre- and post-baby vocab! Sparkling, I hope you get your chickens!



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