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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Chicken-Scratch-Saturday: Ornaments

For those of you with little kids, here's a Christmas tradition that we've been carrying on since ours were knee-high.

We kinda like it, and you may, too.

Each year, Santa puts an ornament in their stocking. Some years they've been higher quality ornaments, and other years they've been cheaper, it doesn't much matter.

Santa always puts their name and the year on the bottom of the ornament, so they don't get them mixed up in later years.

And last year? I found these awesome shoebox-sized Christmas boxes on sale after Christmas. I got each of the kids one, and put their names on them, so when we're taking the tree down, their ornaments can be wrapped and put in their own box. This makes things a little less hectic when it's tree-trimmin' time.

This is not a picture of one of our boxes, but they're exactly the same.
Except ours have a cuter pattern.
And they're see-through.
And made of plastic.
And well, pretty much not like these at all.
But you get the idea.

When it's time for the kids to head out on their own (and we're getting closer over here at the Funny Farm), they'll each have a box of ornaments to take with them as a head start on their first tree.

For our adopted kids, a few years ago we took all our ornaments that didn't really "belong" to any one in particular, and we let them take turns choosing ones that they liked till they were "caught up" to their years. We added their names, and voila, they had enough ornaments as they would have had if they had been born into our family.

So go ahead!  Start this tradition with your kids.  They'll love it!

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1 comment:

  1. We do this for our kids too. Each year I get them an ornament from Ten Thousand Villages...a fair trade company...there's a store only a mile from our house :)'s a fun way to get them started on their own tree!



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