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Monday, October 15, 2012

Mirth Monday: Bitter, Party of Five

My sister Mary Birdsong in the webisode she and her cohorts created...

Bitter, Party of Five
(episode 1)

(and episode 2)
(ep 2 is a little racy and language-y)



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In case you didn't know it, I'm like the queen of blog-hoppin' lately. It's kind of like square dancing but without the dated outfits, smelly gym, and elderly caller.

Here's the schedule I keep:
Monday: Homestead Revival's Barn Hop, The Chicken Chick's Clever Chicks, Natural Living Mamma's Natural Living Monday, A Cat-Like Curiosity's Monday Mantras Link-Up, Ponder Wonder's Soul Food Monday, and @ Home Take 2's Mom's Monday Mingle
Tuesday: Heavenly Homemaker's Gratituesday,   Crafty Garden Mama's Tuesday Greens, and The Wrinkled Mommy's Tuesday Archive Link-Up
Wednesday: My Life and Kids Finding the Funny, Tilly's Nest's Down Home, and Crafty Spices Wordless Wednesday
Thursday: A Rural Journal's Rural Thursday Blog Hop, and Two In Diapers' Mommy Brain Mixer
Friday: Deborah Jean's Dandelion House's Farmgirl Friday, Fresh Eggs Daily's Farm Girl Friday Blog Fest,Little Becky Homecky's Fantabulous Friday, and Oh So Amelia's Friday Chaos
Saturday: Camera Critter's Life With Dogs Pet Blogger Hop and Country Momma Cooks Saturday Link-Up.

Since today is Monday, that means I'm linking Friday's post "8 Cruelest Foods You Eat" with Homestead Revival's Barn Hop, Natural Living Mamma's Natural Living Mondays, and The Chicken Chick's Clever Chicks; yesterday's post "Inspiration Sunday"  with A Cat-Like Curiosity's Monday Mantras Link-Up and Ponder Wonder's Soul Food Monday; and my post "Lunch-Schmunch"  with @ Home Take 2's Mom's Monday Mingle.

Come join the fun!


  1. LOL-- what an awesome way to start a week off!! Love it!!

    1. And I loved her in Reno 911, btw

    2. Thanks, Tabetha! And thanks! I will be sure to tell her...

  2. Ha, that's so cool!
    Thanks for popping over to my place, and here I am returning the favour. Hope you don't mind but I'm off to have a nosey round :)
    Janie x

    1. Nosey all you want, Jane. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Visiting you back. Thanks for the laugh. Voted for you on your top mommy blog linky!

  4. Hi Anne,
    You visited me yesterday at Adorned from Above. Your blog is so fun. I love the webisodes of your sister's show. Too funny. I'm from LA and used to work for Universal. So this was funny to see. I dealt with the production end. Lots of shows and movies not picked up. I hear from friends and family it has gotten even harder. Money is tighter. Can't wait to see what else you write.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

    1. Thanks, Debi. How interesting that you used to work for Universal! I bet you could write a book!.

  5. Whoa, you really ARE amazing at link-ups! Thanks for the list! I totally bookmarked it :) You stopped by my blog the other day and left a really sweet comment, and I would have loved to reply to it, except that you're a no-reply commenter! Don't know what that is? Here's how to fix that:
    Also, when you reply to someone's comment on your blog itself, they don't actually get your reply! To see it, they'd have to come back to the same page...something people don't usually do. If you enable your email, comments so straight to your email and you can reply the same way.
    Hope I helped!


    1. You DID help, Hima, thank you! I never knew this. You would think I would, since this is not my first year out of the gate with blogging. Sigh. I am my mother's dtr, I guess.

      Again, thanks for the tutorial, I think I've got it fixed now.



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