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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Tip For Tuesday - Reusing Dry Erase Boards

If you're anything like me, you have a million and one dry erase boards in use. I use them for chore boards, calendars, art boards for the kids, you name it.

Problem is, as quick as I come up with a use for one, I come up with a way to tweak my system. But I usually mark 'em up with Sharpies to make my grids or labels or whatever, so they don't just wipe right off.

They're not the boss of me, though. I learned how to get Sharpie off a dry erase board. And I pass that knowledge onto you now, so you can breathe new life into your wipe-off boards. Just in time for the new school year.
All you have to do is scribble a dry erase marker over the Sharpie lines, and then wipe off.

Just like new again.

A blank slate, ready for your organizational genius.


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  1. Genius!

    Amanda Rose

  2. I just recently learned of some of the things that dry erase markers can save.

  3. Man - who knew! thanks! my man is always using the wrong one. that is a big help.

  4. no way!!!! thank you so much, just did a whole week of meal planning using the wrong pens and was thinking I'd have to replace the board. You rock!

  5. YAY! and hey look at all those followers! Pretty neat!

  6. You can also use rubbing alcohol to get sharpie marker off of a lot of things including dry erase boards, but I like this tip too!! Thanks for the share!!

  7. Love this tip. I never use Sharpie markers on erase boards for fear of not being able to erase it. Thanks for sharing at our Pinteresting Party.

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