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Friday, June 22, 2012

Farm Friday - The Testicles Have Left the Building

Author's Note #1: I can use this title for my blog post and still maintain my G (PG?) rating, because it's all in the name of animal husbandry.

Author's note #2: I wrote this post a little more than a year ago (on my other blog), but I thought I would repost it, as I have nothing else going on right now farm-wise for Farm Friday. Plus it's educational and I'm all about bringing things educational to my readers.

So here goes.....

Ah spring. I love the smell of antiseptic in the morning.

Today was the fateful day my yearling Finnegan was scheduled to get clipped. To change from colt to eunuch.

And I have captured it all on film for posterity.

If you tend to the squeamish, look away, look away now.
For there will be blood.
There will be body parts.....

Finnegan the yearling stud-muffin.

Starting to feel all woozy now that the juice is kicking in.

Down for the count.

Prepped and ready for surgery.

Vet M: "C'mon, buddy, where are your balls?"

And yes, he meant that quite literally.
They were being elusive and M had to go on an early Easter egg hunt.

Wait for it, wait for it.....

....and they're OUT!

The anesthesia has begun to wear off, but he's not ready for running around. M is tail surfing here to keep Finn's hindquarters upright and to keep him from taking off at a drunken gallop.

I'll brother,when I need a hand,we all need somebody to lea-ean on.

I want my Mommy!

Afterwards, I headed inside and cleaned up, then picked up the phone to call my neighbor. She had asked if I could let her know when Finn got gelded. She wanted to turn her horses (including a mare) into the field adjoining my pasture, and didn't want any fence shananigans from Young, Handsome and Intact.

So I said, "Hey Sandy, it's your neighbor, Anne. Just wanted to let you know the testicles have left the building. My pasture is now a testicle-free zone."

Most neighbors ask to borrow a cup of sugar, or the snow-blower.

But if you're my neighbor, you're gonna get testicle talk.


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  1. Wanted to say “poor horsey” but I’m a city girl and what do I know. Many of our neighbours in Oxfordshire keep horses so I realise this is the best thing for him. Nice post Anne, made me smile.:) I’d love to be your neighbour and get Tessie Talk!

  2. Veronica, "tessie talk"? Bwahaha! I would love if we were neighbors, as well. How amazing would that be?!

  3. This story brought back fond memories when we raised our children on a farmette! The day we had our little stud's mind turned from @$$ to grass, all six kids wanted to watch the surgery! About two minutes after the initial cut, our eldest son was out like a light. Fainted dead away while his younger siblings looked on in awe!

  4. Winston, you are a parent after my own heart! Sounds like we have a good deal in common, you and I....

  5. Hi Y'all,

    Just wanted to stop to see how your week went. Hope it was great! Wishin' y'all a great and a wonderful summer and a relaxing weekend! Stay cool!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  6. Interesting post. It is something that has to be done and you have put humour in it. I like that:) B

  7. Awesome photos of horse farm life and the tasks necessary ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  8. Buttons, Lisa, and ArtMuse, thanks for stopping by! And yes, it is, unfortunately, neccessary, and he is gentler now.

  9. Well, it had to be done, right? And it was all in a day's work for an equine vet.

  10. Thanks for sharing at Rural Thursdays this week. xoxo



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