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Friday, May 25, 2012

Farm Friday - Table Talk

You know what they say: sitting down to dinner together as a family is vital. It encourages conversation, interest in each other's lives, family commitment.

And we're pretty good about doing that in our family, busy as we are at times.

However, I don't always think the kids would agree that our conversations are a positive thing.

For instance, about this time last year, we had our colt gelded.

And the topic came up at dinner....

Fred: So what did you do today?

Me: Got my hair cut this morning. And Finnegan got cut too. He was transformed from stud to gelding today.

Fred: Oh that's right, today was the day ...

Rosie: Yeah. Dad. You have GOT to do something about Mom!

James: Yeah, Dad, she took pictures of his testicles!

Me: I took pictures of the whole process, what's so wrong about that?

Rosie: But you didn't have to put them on your BLOG!

Julie: That is so gross.

Me: A girl's gotta have something to blog about.

Fred: Did you really blog about his castration?

Me: Yes. In the interest of science I blogged about his castration. Is there a problem?

Patrick: Mom. Mom. Comeon.

Bella: You took pictures of his wha...?

Daniel: His testicles, Bella, his testicles! You know, the man's parts that make a baby!

Bella: Mans can have babies?

James: That is just so wrong Mom. You didn't even ask us.

Me: Was I supposed to ask you if I could have Finn gelded or ask if I could photograph the process or ask permission to blog about it?

James: Yes. Everything you should ask. Is not right.

Daniel: What did you do with them?

Me: With what?

Daniel: The testicles. What did you do with the testicles?

Fred: What do you think you're eating? You didn't think that was chicken in that chicken-noodle casserole, did you?

Kids: Oh that is so gross.
I am going to throw up.
I can't believe I live in this family.
What is wrong with everyone?
Mans can have babies?
Is not right.

Fred: Waste not, want not.


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  1. My favorite of all your posts (and that is saying something!) "You don't think that wsa chicken in the casserole do you?" SNORT!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I remember you mentioned that to me (from when you were reading through my BBH blog), so I thought I'd repost it here. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. From my sister Mary: This is hilarious!! Ha ha ha! "Mans can have babies?! Is not right."

  4. @Debbie, thanks! Glad you enjoyed....



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