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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Social - Ozzy

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Is Ozzy.

Ozzy is one of the twin kids born to our nanny goat Elfie, who came to us pregnant.

He's, lemme think, I guess he'd be about five years old now. Wow. Can't believe he's that old!

Anyway, he and his brother Houdini were born without incident or fanfare on a cold night in January. Ozzy and Houdini were opposites in every way possible. One solid black, one all white. Ozzy is as friendly as could be, but Houdini was more reserved. Ozzy was quickly claimed as a pet by Bella, but no one really wanted Houdini (he was THAT unfriendly). Sadly, Houdini, so named b/c he always got out of any enclosure he was supposed to be in, died last summer.

At least they were both grown when it happened, b/c when they were little kids they were inseparable. Ozzy didn't seem all that distressed about Dini's passing, truth be told.

And he's just as sweet and friendly as ever. Bella's little black billy goat.

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