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Friday, April 20, 2012

Farm Friday - Sex Change (reposted)

This is something I put up on my old blog about a year ago, but as I just had a run-in with His Majesty, I thought I'd post it again....

It seems our Golden-laced Polish is perhaps not a hen, but a rooster.

Clearly an error was made in the sexing and shipping dept, b/c I did not order any roosters. I wanted only hens in my henhouse.

I did not want crowing before daybreak.
I did not want children pushing away their plates of eggs for fear they might be eating a could've-been-baby chick.
I did not want a Demon Bird From Hell chasing and ankle-pecking.

But the last week or so I'd been hearing new sounds coming from the Chick Shack. Something akin to a teenage boy saying "Heyy. HEYYYY!" only with a distinct stalling car component to the sound.

This morning, when I had finished feeding and watering them, I looked at Tizzy. I noticed her headdress seemed more pronounced. Her neck feathers were more mane-like. Her tail feathers were carried high above her back in contrast to those of her peers.

And then it happened.

She stuck her neck out, stretched her back long, and screeched out


only still with a very marked teenaged boy quality to it. Imagine Shaggy imitating a rooster. That's it.

So it would seem we need to change her - I mean his - name. And I'll need your help. Here are your choices, and of course, feel free to suggest others:

David Bowie
You've gotta admit, there's a striking resemblance.

Big Daddy
My grandfather's name (may he rest in peace). One of my hens is named Big Mama (after my grandmother, naturally, may she rest in peace), so it would seem only fitting to name the only roo for her husband.

Chas Bono
In light of recent headlines that Sonny and Cher's daughter Chastity chose to undergo a sex change to become Chas Bono, I thought this might make a good choice. And let's face it, how many people can claim to have a rooster named Chas Bono? Hmmm? Anyone?


So whaddya think, folks? Help me name my gender-confused rooster/hen.

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Picture of Chas Bono from Google images


  1. I like David Bowie. When ever I see him (the actor) I always think of the movie the Labyrinth from the 80's. He creeped me out in that.

  2. LOL! I loved this post then and loved it now as well. Maybe a tad of estrogen in Big Daddy's food would improve his demeanor...on the other hand I do not know what a rooster with PMS might cock-o-doodle-DO? Nevermind...

  3. I am 98% sure that this is a rooster! Sorry :/ But he is very handsome!

  4. @Andrea: I'm with you! Saw his "Glass Spider" tour back in the 80s. No one like him, for sure!
    @RoosterInn: Interesting thought, but like you, I don't think I wanna know what I would get!
    @Yolanda: Some time has passed since I first wrote this, and he is definitely, 100%, no-doubt-about-it, ALL rooster!

    Thanks for the comments, ladies!

  5. What a hoot! I saw his " Glass Spider " tour too... We got a couple of roo's in our mix of the last batch of baby chicks too... We let the boys hang around for a while but " the girls " kicked them out! Fun Post!

  6. Thanks, Deborah Jean! They sure are entertaining, aren't they? As much of a pain as the roo is, I can't bear to part with him.

  7. Growing up we had an old hen that started crowing. She was well over 6yrs old, probably so long since she laid an egg, she forgot her purpose and took on crowing as a new challenge. It freaked my mom out so bad she boxed the gal up and set it out at the front gate of a near by petting zoo. She thought it would fit in with the fainting goats.

  8. I got a kick out of this. My son and his wife, life-long city people (well, small town) recently bough a home in the country complete with a barn, several out buildings and a chicken coop. So they're (well, really my son is) trying their hand at raising chickens. He got 6 little female chicks of one breed for laying eggs and 2 sex-undetermined of another breed for eating. Doesn't want to keep them in coop together because his wife doesn't want to wonder if she's eating a possible too-early-to-be a baby chick. I'm with her. Even though he says if you eat them soon enough you'll never be the wiser...they wouldn't have had time to become almost

  9. Not gender confused - gender fabulous :)

  10. @Jessica: That's hilarious. Your Mom sounds like a hoot!

    @Karen: My kids had some concerns initially, too, once they found out a rooster was among them. But they kinda got used to it.

    @Sarah: Gender-fabulous -- love it!

  11. What a funny story! I am supposed to have all hens right now, but sometimes I wonder if any roosters might have accidentally been put in the bunch. I guess time will tell!

  12. Thanks, Kelly! Hope you got all hens. Trust me, you don't want a roo!

  13. Oh. My. Goodness. This was hilarious. I especially like the name choice of Chas Bono. Priceless.

  14. @Chaos: So glad you liked! Thanks for stopping in...



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