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Saturday, March 17, 2012


My blog Bringing Borya Home was my lifeline for a while.

It kept me sane when I was going through one snag or frustration after another during the adoption process.

It let me meet so many incredible people as I connected with folks going through the same thing, or people cheering me on, or sympathizing, or advising me, or letting me cry on their virtual shoulder.

It gave me a creative outlet when I discovered I enjoyed writing.

It fed my ego to see my stats rise, to learn I had readers all over the world.

And now, I'm letting it go.

I'll still post there from time to time, if I'm writing about an adoption topic.

But now this is my new home.

And as I see BBH slipping in the ranks, as I watch the views-per-day start to take a nose dive, I can't help but think of Tom Hanks letting his Wilson go.....

Of course, I have something Tom didn't. Perhaps Wilson is no longer sitting on my raft, but I do have my good chum Spalding sitting at the helm with me.
Nudge, nudge, Spalding is this here blog Life on the Funny Farm.

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