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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Guest Post

My son has been asking me to look into this Kony character and post something about it on my blog.

I finally got around to pulling up the video clip yesterday. When I saw that it was 20-some minutes long, I had a conversation with myself. It went like this:

Me: You need to watch it. It's important.
Me: Whine, whine, whine. I don't have time. I've got 6 kids and a passle of critters to take care of and whine, whine, whine.
Me: Knock it off and suck it up. You say you care about kids. MAKE time.
Me: What are you gonna give me if I watch it?
Me: You get to respect yourself in the morning. Just hush up and watch it already.

And so I watched it. And wow. The folks spearheading this movement are incredible and are really going to stop this guy.

I asked my baby (OK, so he's 12 years old, he's still my baby) to write a little intro for it.

Take it away, Daniel.....

Hi, my name is Daniel. I was in school, and my peers started to move to the area designated, 'The Media Room'. I followed, and my friend Pheobe started a video titled, 'Kony 2012'. I started watching while everyone around me cried, and I was deeply moved by this half hour,saddening, viral video. I ask everyone who is reading this (with money to spare) to donate to the cause of ridding the world of Joseph Kony!

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