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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

They're Movin' On Up

Last week Fred and I had a couple graduation ceremonies to attend.
No, no high school or college seniors throwing their hats to the sky, but James' 8th grade graduation and Bella's and Julie's 5th grade "moving up" ceremony to celebrate the passage from elementary school to middle school.
James was a Nervous Nellie and sat stiff as a board throughout the entire proceedings, but he not only made it through, but enjoyed himself immensely at the dinner dance following the ceremony.

Though the ceremony has just ended and he's on his way out the door, he doesn't look much relieved, does he...?

Here he is with some of his friends.

Bella and Julie both looked lovely and had a grand time at the outdoor celebration, receiving their certificates with pride.

This is Natasha with her teacher Mrs. Pomante.

Yulie with her teacher Mrs. Stancato.

My two angels.

Still can't believe that next school year I'll only have one left in elementary school (Daniel). I'll have three in middle school (Bella and Julie in 6th and Rosie in 7th), a high school freshman (James) and a high school sophomore (Patrick).

Sniff, sniff.
Is there a hankie in the house?

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