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Monday, April 6, 2009

A Little Culture Never Hurt No One ....

Took the kids to the Brandywine River Art Museum. Got to show them a lot of Wyeth works and explain to the kids how the Wyeths are from this area and much of their subject matter is stuff they see when driving down the road. Saw paintings of the Brandywine Battlefield of the Revolutionary War, which took place a stone's throw from the museum.

One would think that kids that are a product of this generation, kids who have grown up with eyes glued to a glowing screen of one kind or another would have no interest in looking at paintings of hayfields and barns. But not only were they pretty well behaved, but I actually heard the occasional oooh and ahhh from them.

No matter, the security guard took one look at my crew walking in the door and we had our own personal escort tailing us throughout our tour of the museum. I think he actually looked a little disappointed when my kids didn't break anything. We gave this kindly octagenarian no excuse to throw us out on our kiesters.

Maybe next time ....

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