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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Middle-of-the-bunch before we began adopting, Rosie is sandwiched between her two bio brothers. I believe this, in part, along with the crazy genetics she inherited, helped form her personality which can best be described as bulldog meets sweet pea. As a toddler, if there was something she wanted, I would see her set her jaw, squint her eyes, and march right on over and make it happen, Clint Eastwood style. This is probably also why she loves being goalie on her soccer team. She looks at that ball and just dares it to even think about approaching her goalie box. If it does, she'll jump, dive, leap, stretch and kick till it's outa there. And yet her teachers, year after year, have described her as a sweet, kind eager learner, always taking the initiative to help other students. Consistently a straight-A student, she's also a talented drummer and loves to choreograph dance numbers to her favorite music. She gives new meaning to the expression "Daddy's Girl" and she lights up the second he walks in the door. Anyone ever messes with her Poppy, they're gonna have to answer to her. So she's pretty cool. Smart, kind, beautiful, athletic, loving.
So what if she's a bit ..... gassy.....?
It's a point of pride with her, actually. She can rapid-fire burp if she's had the privilege of enjoying a soda and she'll challenge any takers to surpass her numbers. As to the gasical stylings of her preference, I won't share with you the details. Just suffice it to say she takes pride in her work and keeps her friends and family rolling their eyes and trying to suppress their giggles. But that's a hard thing to do when she starts filling the house with her laughter. Perhaps she's not roses to our noses, but her laughter is music to our ears.

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