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Sunday, December 21, 2014


About a month and a half ago, I wrote about the passing of my stepfather, Bob.

Shortly before Bob died, I told my Mom I would take their dog Scooby.  Bob was Scooby's chief cook and bottle-washer, and I knew my Mom wouldn't be able to take care of her on her own, so I figured, what's one more?

And Scooby seems to be doing fine here.  I keep her in a pen, because our house is a bit more chaotic than my Mom's place.  And since Scooby is old (like 17 or 18 years old, old), she seems more comfortable having a little space of her own.

Anyway, like I said, she seems to be doing fine, but a day or so ago, she started doing this really peculiar little howl.


So I videotaped her in the midst of her incantations.

I was just trying to capture what it sounded like, but I got more than I bargained for.  When I played back the video, there were several orbs "dust specks" that seemed to fly right out of the room, and they all originated from the corner that Scooby faces when she howls.

So you tell me, do I need to dust more, or should I....

GET OUT!!!!!


  1. It could be Bob. I worked for a woman whose husband died while I worked there. We had a bird pecking the window for days. Covered window with foil, put fake owl on sill, etc. I think it was a robin. One day when it was there I said, "It's allright, Stanley. She's fine." The bird never came back.

  2. What a neat story, Virginia! Thanks for stopping by, and for sharing.

  3. I'll tell you something that happened to me. One night I was in bed and went to get my phone to answer a text message (which was on my dresser). I was half asleep clicked the wrong button and accidentally took a picture. So I went to delete the picture and there was something in the middle of the room that looked like an orb. There was nothing that could have caused a reflection like that, it was straight up an orb. I didn't think too much of it because it was an old house. An hour later, we got a phone call from the hospital that my grandfather had died probably around the time I saw the orb... I still, to this day, think it was my grandfather. It's nothing to be afraid of, though. Probably just your step dad checking in. :)

  4. Strange that Scooby is the only one reacting to it. My first thought was when Tyler was doing that and it turned out there was a mouse in the wall lol. Either way, you would think the rest of the crew would be responding as well. Hmmmm ...



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