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Monday, March 17, 2014

I Love Coffee. I Love Repurposing. I Love My New Coffee Bar!

A couple weeks ago I was Pinterest-surfing when I saw a fabulous kitchen idea: a coffee bar.

I became slightly obsessed with creating my very own coffee bar in my very own kitchen.

I looked at what seemed like dozens of versions. Most of the ones I liked featured the same shelf. I looked it up and was shocked at its price tag: $120. No way in tarnation I was going to pay anything like that for what was merely a fun little corner of my kitchen, not a "must-have".

So I looked around my house and found I had a shelf that would fill my needs perfectly. It was just sitting there on the wall, serving no purpose other than holding a few "pretties" as my dear grandmother used to call them.

So down it came. Toasters were moved, blenders were relocated, the coffee pot was set up in its new home. The shelf got mounted above the coffee maker, and quickly filled with my filter canister, tins for coffee and tea, shakers for sugar and chocolate and cinnamon. I bought some shower curtain hooks for the towel bar and hung up the coffee mugs.

The piece that I was missing was a chalkboard coffee shop sign.

I couldn't find what I needed in the right size. Then one day, walking through Walmart, I saw poster board and such. There was a piece of black foam board in the exact dimensions I wanted. I found a picture of a sign I liked on Google images, and went to work with my chalk. It still needs a frame, but overall I'm pleased with how it came out.

The best part of my coffee bar? Other than the hooks and the foam board, it didn't cost me a thing.

I love it!


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  1. Thanks, Rooster Inn! All my coffee bar needs now is some good ol' Community Coffee!

  2. That is really creative! You seem to have so much energy and yet are so busy.

    1. Thanks, but no. The "energy" is just masqueraded procrastination of the things I SHOULD be doing!



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