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Monday, August 26, 2013

Miley, Miley, Miley....

Turned on the computer earlier today to see everyone all in an uproar over Miley Cyrus' performance at the VMA awards last night.

I watched the video, I read some blogs and comments and tweets, I laughed at the Smith family's reactions.

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And then I sat back and thought about it, and asked myself how I felt about the whole thing.

Being the Mom of three teenaged girls (girls who grew up on Hanna Montana), I found that, oddly enough, I wasn't all that bothered.

See, when my kids were three and four years old, they went through a potty stage. I'm not talking about potty training. I'm talking about anything that remotely relates to the potty is disproportionately funny and intriguing. And although I witnessed this firsthand in my own kids, this applies to every kid of that age group pretty much across the board. You Moms know what I'm talking about. For a good two or three years, everything relating to poop or pee or potties is just hilarious. If they see a pine cone? Poop. Apple juice? Pee. You get the picture.

I think young adults go through a similar phase, only sex (and being uninhibited in general) replaces poop and pee. Normally, these kids cut loose at college. I have a friend whose daughter, who was Catholic school educated K - 12 and a wonderful girl, broke both arms as a freshman while dancing on a table at a pub.

The pub was her stage. Her place to cut loose and go a little wild with no parent/teacher/priest watching over her shoulder.

For Miley? The world is her stage.

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And for years, she has had no one watching over her shoulder, no one whispering a little guidance in her ear.

Even her song lyrics sound like a little child, don't they? "It's my party I can do what I want." With as many sexual (poop and pee) references as she can put in, because that's what is looming so large in her mind right now.

When my kids were going through the potty thing, I basically ignored them, knowing it was a phase that would pass.

So with Miley,  I say everyone just back off.  Don't give her the attention she is so desperately seeking.  She'll work through her phase and move on to more adult behavior soon enough.  I think she'll be with us for a while.  She's actually quite talented (in my opinion anyway).

And believe it or not, I kind of like her song.  I just put my fingers in my ears and go lalala for the drug references, and I burned my eyes out with a hot poker after watching the video. 

But you've gotta admit, it's a catchy little tune.


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  1. I just hope she's not having a Britney Spears phase! :) Danica

    1. Oh, I daresay she'll be in the headlines for out-of-control behavior more than Brit. We'll see!

  2. What bothered me most about this performance was the mix of childlike elements and overt sexuality. I found the bear booty smacking a little creepy, along with the NSFW foam finger. It's sort of like those saucy witch Halloween costumes in small sizes.

    1. YES! I know exactly what you mean. No wonder the Smiths had such horrified looks on their faces.

  3. I hadn't seen it, so I had to go find it. Ugh, I couldn't even watch it straight through. I had to take breaks and go back when the embarrassment I felt for her passed some. Awful.

    1. That's what it is, Sarah, embarrassment. Not shock and mortification, but embarrassment. It's the same way I feel when a "clean" actress (like Melissa Gilbert, for instance) poses for Playboy to try to let people know she's all grown up. We get it.



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